On Tuesday's The 11th Hour with Brian Williams, recurring MSNBC guest Ron Fournier -- formerly of AP -- provocatively claimed that President Donald Trump "has blood on his hands" over Syria during a discussion of President Trump's history of criticizing President Barack Obama's reaction to the Syrian civil war. Fournier: "And it's not good enough to talk about the red line that Barack Obama drew and then walked away from. Donald Trump is the one who's now walking away from this crisis. He's now the one who has blood on his hands. He's the one who's got to step up and lead the world."

While WikiLeaks revelations concerning corruption at the Clinton Foundation where released today, on Thursday’s Morning Joe, MSNBC’s political correspondent Kasie Hunt obnoxiously stated that “Hillary Clinton is enjoying an enormous honeymoon period. Whether it’s with the press who covers her or whether it’s with the polling. She's really riding high.”

On her MSNBC show on Tuesday, anchor Andrea Mitchell teed up The Atlantic's senior political columnist Ron Fournier to promote his latest op/ed declaring Donald Trump “unfit” to be president compared to the “very experienced” Hillary Clinton: “...you've got a provocative column up today....you said there is ‘no equivalency’ between Clinton and Trump. That, ‘Hillary has her problems, but Donald Trump is unfit for the presidency.’”

Please Hillary! You must save us from the horrors of the impending TrumpenReich. However, um, in order to do that I beg you to do me just one little favor. Please stop lying.

That pretty much sums up the plea of Ron Fournier to Hillary Clinton in The Atlantic magazine. What's really laughable is the idea that she can somehow just snap her fingers and actually do this like simply stop eating, say, kidney beans. Unfortunately for Fournier, asking Hillary to stop lying is more like asking her to stop eating...period. Or even to stop breathing. However, Fournier is so panicked over the idea of a Donald Trump presidency that he makes his doomed plea and asks, Why Can't Hillary Clinton Stop Lying?

In an earlier than usual broadcast of NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday, the panel was gleefully predicting the demise of Republicans and their future loss of the Senate. “The fact that John McCain, because of the Hispanic vote, is at risk of losing the election after five terms in the Senate and being the party standard bearer … because of the top of the ticket, and this would of course also contribute to losing the Senate,” stated NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, a known Hillary Clinton fan. 

Moments after the Fox News Channel program Special Report provided viewers the first look at documents related to the Fast and Furious scandal finally surrendered by the Obama administration, the All-Star Panel lambasted the administration’s lack of transparency and predicted that the document dump will fetch “minimal coverage in the mainstream media.”

After the “big three” networks of ABC, CBS, and NBC neglected to cover the State Department Inspector General (IG) doling out a subpoena to the Clinton Foundation on Thursday, PBS NewsHour Democratic Debate moderators Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff failed to even mention this, or Hillary Clinton’s e-mail scandal or Benghazi. Neither did Bernie Sanders. Needless to say, the Fox News Channel’s post-debate edition of America’s Election HQ lambasted the trio for this failure to highlight the massive scandals at any point in the two-hour debate. 

On a special hour-long Sunday edition of CNN’s Inside Politics, panelist and National Journal writer Ron Fournier resumed his strong disdain for Republican frontrunner Donald Trump by lambasting him as having “bigoted” and “sexist rhetoric” for a man who makes “irresponsible comments” which exhibit “his shallowness on policy.”

Appearing as a guest in the final segment of Wednesday's MTP Daily on MSNBC, Ron Fournier of the National Journal slammed the previous night's GOP presidential debate as "disgusting" as he claimed to see "dog whistling" and "fearmongering" from the candidates.

On Sunday’s Face the Nation, National Journal reporter Ron Fournier accused Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson of “putting a target on government officials” after the retired neurosurgeon stressed the need for Americans to have the right to protect themselves from an oppressive government. 

Ron Fournier of the National Journal doesn't seem particularly impressed by Hillary Clinton's transparency tour in a bid for authenticity in the wake of her email scandal. In fact, he has 19 questions for Hillary. Mark them down journalists. Let them serve as your master checklist when questioning her about the email scandal. Hopefully all the questions will be asked by the time Hillary appears before Congress in October and if any of the 19 questions are still unasked, perhaps one or more congressman can ask them. 


On Wednesday’s Special Report with Bret Baier, the three-person political panel took turns slamming Hillary Clinton for how she has handled the ongoing controversy surrounding the use of a private e-mail server while Secretary of State.