New York Times’ reporter Nick Corasiniti celebrated scandal-plagued Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez on the top of the paper’s New York section Saturday: “After a Month in Court, Menendez Relishes a Trip to Washington – Senator Capitalizes On Break in His Trial.” Corasaniti's latest report is notably longer (1300 words) and more prominently placed than the dutiful pieces he's previously filed on Menendez’s corruption trial for his relationship with Florida doctor Salomon Melgen. At least he's now on his toes to actually identify the Democratic senator as a Democrat in his stories, since the controversy when he bizarrely failed to do so in a Times story in early September.

Senator Bernie Sanders had to employ some “fancy footwork” while a guest on Sunday’s edition of the Cable News Network program State of the Union when host Jake Tapper asked the Vermont socialist whether Senator Bob Menendez should step down if the New Jersey Democrat is found guilty in his trial on charges of corruption. Instead of giving a straightforward response of “Yes” or “No,” Sanders stated: “I think, in this country, people are entitled to due process” and dodged “speculating” what Menendez would decide to do since “it’s a little bit premature” to guess since the jury has not yet made its decision.

The double standard at CNN is stark. The cable news network can’t seem to find much time for the three-week long unfolding drama of the corruption trial of sitting Democratic Senator Robert Menendez from NJ. But it found nearly 2 hours in just one day to cover HHS Secretary Tom Price’s flights on private jets.

During a stunning Day 13 in the federal corruption and bribery trial of Democratic New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez and a close friend, Dr. Salomon Melgen, prosecutors argued to the jury that the duo conspired to manipulate a U.S. government shipment to the Dominican Republic. But despite the shocking revelations, none of the networks in the Big Three (ABC, CBS, and NBC) decided to mention it to their viewers.

CNN has barely covered the corruption trial of Democratic Senator Bob Menendez, but the network didn’t always have an aversion to the corruption trials of sitting U.S. senators. Back in 2008, Republican Senator Ted Stevens got plenty of attention from CNN for his own corruption trial. When it came to reporting on Stevens, CNN rarely missed a day, and often updated viewers on the status of the trial multiple times in the same day.

Since it began more than two weeks ago, CNN has provided a paltry 14 minutes and 11 seconds of coverage to the corruption trial of Democratic Senator Robert Menendez. In fact, the 24-hour cable news network has mentioned the trial only once since September 7. For contrast, on just one day (September 18), CNN spent more than 45 minutes analyzing former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s 60-second appearance at the Emmy Awards ceremony the night before.

What’s more important? A staff member for a Republican senator apparently “liking” a pornographic tweet on Twitter or a Democratic senator on trial for bribery and corruption, facing possible resignation and years in prison? If you answered with the first option, then you might work for NBC News. 

Discussing the corruption trial of New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Friday, political analyst Steve Kornacki predicted that it would be “unlikely” for Governor Chris Christie to be able to name a Republican to replace the disgraced Democrat, even after a criminal conviction. Why? Because the Senator would simply “hang on” to the seat until a Democrat becomes the state’s new governor in January.

After the first day of the trial of New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez on a dozen corruption charges, MSNBC's The Beat host Ari Melber expressed a dire perspective on Wednesday evening regarding the outcome of the proceedings: The evidence “looks overwhelming.” Melber, who also serves as the NBC News chief legal correspondent, stated that the Democratic official is facing charges ranging from bribery to promoting untrue conspiracy theories and lying about his relationship with Dr. Salomon Melgen, a wealthy ophthalmologist from Florida.

Wednesday was the first day of Democratic Senator Bob Menendez’s federal trial for bribery, but you would barely know it was occurring if you were only getting your news from the liberal Big Three Networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC). CBS News did briefly mention the trial in the morning, but they failed to follow up on the heated courtroom exchanges during CBS Evening News later in the day. Meanwhile, both ABC and NBC continued their complete and utter blackout of the story.

On Wednesday, published an Associated Press dispatch on the bribery trial of Democratic Senator Bob Menendez (N.J.), but there was one huge problem in that Menendez was labeled a Republican. Translation? NBC News saw no reason to engage in basic proofreading or got caught red-handed in the act of liberal bias.

While ABC and NBC on Wednesday continued their silence on the bribery trial of Democratic Senator Bob Menendez, CBS This Morning allowed a scant 22 seconds. This was the first time all year CBS even mentioned the scandal swirling around the New Jersey politician. ABC and NBC haven’t touched the impending trial all year.