Two months after investigative reporter Brian Ross and long-time producing partner Rhonda Schwartz resigned from ABC News, an editor with the liberal Daily Beast website has claimed that even though Ross made an “erroneous assertion about the president,” he’s “still employable.” Regarding his new work for the Law & Order streaming website, Ross stated: “We get feedback right away, good and bad, and the bosses pay attention to it, as they should. But this sense that something goes wrong, you correct it, you go on -- now it’s a death sentence from the point of view of the president. His attacks on the media are going to have, and are having, a chilling effect.”

Brian Ross, the disgraced former investigative correspondent for ABC News and NBC News, is joining the Law & Crime online channel -- a “sister entity” to the Mediaite website -- as chief investigative reporter and on-air anchor, as well as host of his own weekly show. When Ross makes the transition in September, he will be joined by Rhonda Schwartz, former chief of investigative projects at ABC -- who was also fired with Ross -- as executive investigative producer.

In a message posted Monday afternoon on Tumblr by ABC News PR, Brian Ross and his producer Rhonda Schwartz have decided to leave ABC “after more than two decades” at the network, leaving multiple scandals in their wake. The news was unsurprising given the chief investigative correspondent’s long history of not only having a liberal bias, but a recent scandal in which he pushed a false scoop on December 1 about former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

Richard Esposito, Mary-Rose Abraham and Rhonda Schwartz of ABC's "The Blotter" have a fresh post up on about Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan's ties to jihadi groups. It's a fascinating read.

Esposito and his colleagues report that: