Hollywood is rallying for the abortion industry once again – this time in support of taxpayer funding. On Tuesday night, President Trump announced a proposal at the Susan B. Anthony List gala that would prohibit Title X federal funding from organizations that provide or promote abortion. In reaction to the proposal, several celebrities, like Jane Fonda and Jessica Biel, expressed fury that abortion giant Planned Parenthood might lose funding and tweeted out “#NoGagRule.”

The top of the pop charts has become a low, low, place indeed. Just last summer, the singer Cee-Lo took popular culture one rung lower into the sewer with the release of his song titled “F--- You.” After a few weeks, it was mainstreamed into “Forget You,” but why bother? While both versions sold well, the vulgar one clearly had its intended effect.

The pop star Pink now has her own version with her new single titled “F---in' Perfect.” How creative. That’s reaching for the stars.

Once again, there are two versions, with the words “less than” replacing the profanity. Again, why bother pretending to be concerned about standards? The original song contains seven F-bombs. She asks “don't you ever ever feel / Like you're less than f---in' perfect,” and then insists “you're f---in' perfect to me!”

"Palin should be laughingstock to all feminists" is the title of Mary Mitchell's column in today's Chicago Sun-Times.  In that calm, detached tone readers have come to expect, Mitchell begins:

Sarah Palin makes me sick. I hate that she was able to steal Barack Obama's mojo just by showing up wearing rimless glasses and a skirt.