On Tuesday's MSNBC Live, host Ali Velshi delivered the latest gem of an example of a self-anointed fact-checker trying to prove a conservative to be wrong about something only to get it substantially more wrong in his alleged correction. Responding to former Greenpeace president turned right-leaning analyst Patrick Moore attacking the Green New Deal plan, Velshi misleadingly gave the impression that carbon dioxide is not a critical component for biological life on Earth.

Although the liberal media rarely acknowledge it, there is a perspective on climate change that isn’t their “the sky is falling” view.

Scientists, researchers and climate experts whose views are often ignored by the media will gather to share their views at the ninth International Conference on Climate Change in Las Vegas, Nev., from July 7-9. The conference is being put on by The Heartland Institute, an co-sponsored by a number of groups including the Media Research Center as a co-sponsor.

Patrick Moore is one of the early members of Greenpeace, and was an important official in that organization from 1971 to 1986.

Moore is among the last people one might expect to be a "climate change denier," as those who irritate us with the idea that human-caused global warming is "settled science" like to characterize people who disagree with them. But he is, as seen in Congressional testimony earlier this week. The establishment press is ignoring Patrick; the few identified results at the link come from British newspapers and center-right outlets. An Investor's Business Daily editorial yesterday highlighted what Moore had to say (bolds are mine):

Anti-human environmental extremists are advancing policies that are offensive to civil rights, dangerous to vulnerable populations and in conflict with American freedom, according to a new documentary that premiered Sunday evening.

Global warming propaganda that distorts scientific data could have severe ramifications for average Americans, just as unfounded assertions over the use of DDT triggered a ban that could be responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths in the underdeveloped world, the filmmakers claim.“Not Evil, Just Wrong” calls attention to the growing body of scientific studies that show natural variability as opposed to human activity is responsible for warming and cooling trends.

In many respects, the film serves as a rejoinder to former Vice-President Al Gore’s documentary entitled “An Inconvenient Truth,” which identifies human emissions as the primary culprit behind global warming.