Liberals love to heap scorn on corporations and liberal media outlets like the Daily Beast have particularly been keen on hounding the NFL in the past few years for everything from its tax-exempt status to its handling of concussive injury in its players to its handling of allegations of physical and sexual violence by star players. But now that the league is hard at work trying to kill a religious liberty law in Georgia, well, the NFL has some newfound respect at the Daily Beast.

Paul Begala tried to put the best spin on Hillary Clinton's sharp decline of support among women voters on Monday's Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN, but even he was forced to admit, "If I were running her campaign, we would take this very seriously." Begala later added, "If I were coaching her – I'd hate to say this; she would hate this – watch Donald Trump....He talks about what he wants to talk about." The Daily Beast's Patricia Murphy gave a more blunt analysis: "These poll numbers are a disaster for Hillary Clinton."

"Obama agenda, meet the wrecking ball," the Daily Beast's Patricia Murphy groused as she opened her January 7 piece, "The Republican War on Kale." Murphy took issue with Senate Republicans setting their sights on a wildly unpopular element of the Obama agenda: the federal overhaul of school-lunch programs all over the country.

Daily Beast political writer Patricia Murphy dutifully peddled Democratic spin on the economy and unemployment while singing the praises of Nevada Republican Senator Dean Heller who led a breakaway contingent of fellow GOPers to invoke cloture on a Democratic bill to extend unemployment benefits without any offsetting spending cuts.

In her January 7 story "The Senate’s Last Compassionate Conservative Tries to Help the Jobless," Murphy quoted heavily from the junior senator from the Silver State and portrayed him as a profile in courage for daring to vote against a position staked out by the reviled (by liberals) conservative advocacy groups:

MSNBC’s Alex Witt just can’t get enough of President Obama. On Saturday’s Weekends with Alex Witt, the host latched onto the president’s comment, made during his interview with Chris Matthews last Thursday, that a president’s job is to “push the boulder up the hill a little bit before somebody else pushes it up a little further.”

After playing a clip of that statement, Witt couldn’t hide her glee. Addressing Patricia Murphy of Citizen Jane Politics, Witt exclaimed, “What a great part of that conversation. Have you, Patricia, ever heard such an honest, contemporaneous assessment of the presidency like this before while in the presidency?”

The Daily Beast is ramping up the attacks on conservatives who don’t believe a catastrophe would result if the United States reaches its debt limit. On Monday, the Beast churned out a story ripping debt-ceiling “denialists,” and on Tuesday, another article slammed debt-ceiling “truthers.”

Patricia Murphy’s Monday article, titled “The GOP’s Top 10 Debt Ceiling Denialists,” was a sort of opinion/straight news hybrid infused with more than a hint of derision. Murphy essentially mocked the “denialists” in her opening paragraph:

Patricia Murphy at the Daily Beast launched this assault on Thursday: “Ted Cruz’s Fake Fight Against Obamacare Is Making Millions.” The subhead was "Ted Cruz's war against Obamacare is a racket to raise his profile and millions of dollars." Murphy saw only greed in his 21-hour speech: “Cruz was leading a fake fight over a fake vote that nearly all in Washington agree would never actually defund Obamacare the way Cruz said it would.”

This is not exactly the way Tina Brown and her liberal minions treated Barack Obama when he was raking in many millions of dollars with two different memoirs that were filled with fraudulent personal history. Out came the anonymous sources to trash Senator Ted:

MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts really needs to stop calling himself a journalist. Once again, the liberal MSNBC host can’t distinguish between reporting and activism, this time pushing a trio of female Democrats as the future of politics.

Appearing on his daily MSNBC show on August 8, Roberts introduced a segment on Democratic women entitled “Fierce and Fearless” in which he and Citizen Jane Politics editor Patricia Murphy fawned over Democratic women, including Texas state senator Wendy Davis. Roberts, who has a history of using his show as a platform to advocate for liberal causes, introduced the segment thusly:

It seems that the media cannot resist spitting on the Romneys when they are down. On last Saturday’s Weekends with Alex Witt, Ms. Witt decided to cover Ann Romney’s recent interview with CBS This Morning as part of her end-of-show The Big 3 segment. Witt played a clip from that interview in which Romney bemoaned Americans’ lack of trust in their government due to the current scandals.

After the clip, Witt tag-teamed with liberal journalist Patricia Murphy, editor of Citizen Jane Politics, to bash the Romneys for re-entering the national political conversation. “Patricia, too early for the Romneys to resurface?" Witt inquired. "You think the public really wants to hear from them after the last election?" she asked, a not-so-subtle way of passive-aggressively wishing the Romneys would crawl into a hole.

Taking the Constitution's limits on federal power seriously is just, well, backwards to liberal journalists. Take Ari Melber of The Nation. Sitting on the panel on the March 26 edition of Now with Alex Wagner, the MSNBC contributor dismissed as "retrograde" the notion that the ObamaCare individual mandate -- the provision forcing Americans to buy private health insurance or else pay a fine to the federal government -- violates the letter and spirit of the Constitution.

Melber, a former John Kerry presidential campaign staffer, made the remark in the midst of comments wherein he suggested the Obama administration could see a stunning victory before the high court, despite the conservative nature of the tribunal:

Former Obama chief-of-staff Rahm Emanuel is infamous for counseling to "never let a serious crisis go to waste."

Well, self-confessed Second Amendment foe Alex Wagner seems determined to not let Monday's deadly school shooting go to waste. For a third day in a row, Wagner complained about the nation's political climate when it comes to gun control legislation, even as Wagner seems to concede that new legislation would do little if anything to prevent school shootings from actually happening.

Patricia Murphy,; Rick Sanchez, CNN Anchor; & Joe Klein, Time magazine | NewsBusters.orgTime magazine’s Joe Klein complained about the legal appearance of openly-carried weapons at protests against President Obama during a segment on CNN’s Newsroom on Monday, and labeled the protests against ObamaCare as a “celebration of ignorance and misinformation.” Anchor Rick Sanchez and his other guest also falsely characterized one of the guns carried at a recent protest.

Sanchez first asked Klein about the appearance of guns at several recent protests against President Obama outside his health care town hall events or speeches: “Joe, I don’t remember people protesting against President Bush showing up with weapons. Do you?” The Time columnist answered, “No. I’ve been doing this for almost 40 years now, and I’ve never seen anything like this. There should be like a Second Amendment equivalent of the First Amendment- shouting fire in a crowded theater.”