You just knew it was too good to be true. After all, what major network would dare voice discomfort with infanticide? 

When the media reported that NBC allegedly refused ads for the new movie “Obvious Child” because the new they included the word “abortion,” Planned Parenthood began a petition against NBC for “silencing ads.” On June 24, the network confessed in a statement to Planned Parenthood that “feedback was mistakenly given to remove the word ‘abortion’" and that such actions were not “company policy.” 

And I bet you thought the networks have a reflexive pro-abortion stance!

NBC recently refused to air ads for “Obvious Child” because the new film addresses abortion, New York Post’s Page Six reported. In response, Planned Parenthood began a petition to gather 15,000 signatures to pressure NBC to “Stop Silencing Ads Mentioning Abortion.”

Thursday afternoon’s The Cycle plugged the recently released “abortion rom-com” Obvious Child by interviewing the film's screenwriter and director Gillian Robespierre and lead actress Jenny Slate.

After the hosts spent a couple minutes praising the way in which the film portrayed a "positive, safe, shame-free abortion," co-host Krystal Ball took the liberty of asking the director if there was ever a point where she felt nervous for her “physical safety” citing the sometimes “violent” nature of anti-abortion activists.

Yes, I saw it. 

When “Obvious Child” hit theaters this month, conservatives were aghast the media glorified it – without irony – as an “abortion romantic comedy.” Liberals lashed back, claiming, like the movie’s Director Gillian Robespierre, that "[Conservatives bashing Obvious Child] haven't seen the movie; they're basing it on articles and trailers."  

That defense is bogus. We are, after all, talking about the destruction of innocent human life – something nearly impossible to contextualize and utterly repulsive as a romantic comedy plot device. 

Still, I decided to play along. 

Finally, a movie that presents the murder of an innocent as the laugh riot it is!

In the new abortion romantic comedy hitting theaters, the child in “Obvious Child” is anything but obvious. In fact, it’s dead, which is why so many pro-abortionists are praising the movie.

Director Gillian Robespierre’s “Obvious Child” follows an aspiring young comedian, Donna Stern, whose abortion turns into a “happily ever after” love story. Opening June 6, the film stresses “self-discovery and empowerment” and the “realities of independent womanhood.” With endorsements from Planned Parenthood and NARAL as well as applause from the media, the abortion “comedy” serves as the latest push for normalizing abortion.