Wednesday night’s PBS NewsHour town hall in Elkhart, Indiana had it all with host Gwen Ifill attacking residents for not supporting President Barack Obama and the President praising PBS’s “civility,” but it also featured audience members surprisingly being allowed to blast the President on issues ranging from the economy to ObamaCare to regulations to veterans.

Mike Barnicle prefaced his remarks on Obamacare by saying his understanding was "meager." He was grossly . . . overstating his knowledge. The subject in the Morning Joe segment today was UnitedHealthCare's decision to quit the Obamacare exchanges. Dr. Dave Campbell explained that UnitedHealthcare was going to lose $1 billion on Obamacare this year, and that all other insurers were also losing money.

That's when Barnicle piped up: "my understanding of it, meager as it is: so it's the profit motive that's going to drive these insurance companies out of the exchanges. They have boards of directors. They can't figure out how to retool their approach to it in order to make [money]?" Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant, Mike! Why didn't UnitedHealthcare think of that? If there's a problem with that profit-motive thingy, just have the board of directors figure out a way to turn a profit. Problem solved! 

With less than a week left until the January 31 ObamaCare 2016 sign up deadline, costs are climbing and enrollment is down.

“You can thank Obamacare” for the 13 percent increase in federal healthcare costs in 2015, despite lower-than-predicted enrollment, according to Fox Business personal finance reporter, Gerri Willis.

On Wednesday night, the major network evening newscasts all failed to cover the first full, successful congressional vote to repeal of ObamaCare and defund of Planned Parenthood that will go to President Obama’s desk where he’ll likely veto the measures seeking to undo his health care law and strike federal funding from the nation’s largest provider of abortions. Providing a more balanced contrast, FNC’s Special Report had a full segment.

On Friday night, two of the three major broadcast networks saw no interest in telling their viewers that the Supreme Court of the United States had decided to accept another major case on the future of ObamaCare as the high court will hear arguments pertaining to the law’s contraception mandate. Surprisingly, NBC Nightly News not only covered it, but offered a full, one-minute-and-21-second report from Justice correspondent Pete Williams. 

On Sunday, veteran investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson’s new show Full Measure examined the growing number of ObamaCare co-ops that are “falling like dominoes” despite substantial financial support from the federal government. Reporter Scott Thuman traveled to Nevada which “is now one of 23 co-ops created by the Affordable Care Act known to most as ObamaCare. It is also one that is failing and will shut down at the end of the year. It’s a number that is growing.”

On Monday, CBS This Morning was the only network morning show to cover the latest problem for ObamaCare and the program’s sagging enrollment numbers caused by increased premiums. Co-host Charlie Rose noted that there are “potential strains with the Affordable Care Act open enrollment for 2016...The administration needs more people to sign up but premiums are likely to increase.” ABC’s Good Morning America and NBC’s Today ignored the most recent ObamaCare problem on their Monday morning broadcasts.

Ten months after the bureaucratic nightmare Obamacare was passed, there is even more evidence of its failure to live up to the promises made about it.

Just like you can lead a horse to water but not force him to drink, you can make employers offer insurance, but you can’t force their employees to buy it. The media promoted the Affordable Care Act, but one liberal paper is now admitting another problem with the law.

Following Thursday night’s explosive Republican primary debate on Fox News, MSNBC’s Morning Joe was in Cleveland for reaction. A panel heaped praise on Ohio governor John Kasich, particularly regarding his response to a question about Medicaid expansion. Willie Geist described it as “the best answer of the entire night that any candidate gave.” Host Joe Scarborough thought he “hit it out of the park.” John Heilemann cheered Kasich’s general performance as “Reaganesque in some ways.” 

Tuesday on Morning Joe, regular contributor Mike Barnicle slammed Republicans who want to continue the fight against ObamaCare. Barnicle was aghast that Mike Lee (R-UT) expressed frustration at Mitch McConnell for the Kentucky Senator’s refusal to put another ObamaCare repeal on the floor. Barnicle shouted: “What is wrong with these people? I mean, what is going on?...Are they so unbound from reality that they continue to do this?”

On Wednesday, the hosts of The Cycle on MSNBC mocked Republican alternatives to ObamaCare. When Toure read a quote from Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) saying he wants to replace the ACA with a more patient-centric plan, Josh Barro of the New York Times wondered: “What does that mean?” And added that “it can mean whatever the listener wants it to mean.” Toure and Kystal Ball sarcastically threw out words to dismiss Republican arguments against ObamaCare. Ball shouted, “patient centric!...cheaper!...flexible!”

The cheerleading for the president by MSNBC following the Supreme Court’s decision to affirm the federal subsidies in ObamaCare has been virtually ubiquitous. On the June 26 edition of Morning Joe, Eugene Robinson, Al Sharpton, and Mika Brzezinski were all jubilant about the high court’s decision, arguing that it will help to affirm the legacy of President Obama.