The new comedy The Oath couldn’t come at a better time. The Oct. 12 release follows a very liberal couple (Ike Barinholtz, Tiffany Haddish) as they welcome conservative family members to their home for Thanksgiving dinner. Do sparks fly? Try punches (and maybe more, according to the film’s rowdy trailer).

NBC's newsroom comedy Great News let the cat out of the bag on the sorry state of modern journalism: If you want to make it in the news biz, you can't be impartial, you have to pick a side and create drama.

Jim Pinkerton found a graphic way to express his displeasure over Fox News Watch's decision to devote a segment to Lindsay Lohan's latest run-in with the law. With a nod to MSNBC newsreader Mika Brzezinski, who as I chronicled here had torn up a Paris Hilton story in protest, Pinkerton ripped a page or two on tonight's show.

FOX NEWS WATCH PANELIST JIM PINKERTON: This speaks to formula, right?. We all know that Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Ritchie are fighting to get the Anna Nicole Smith slot for this year.

FOX NEWS WATCH HOST ERIC BURNS: Nicole Ritchie, who has just been sentenced herself.

PINKERTON: Exactly. I'm going to honor another formula [as he ceremoniously tears the story in two]. That would be Mika Brzezinski on MSNBC and Jack Cafferty on CNN, who refused to read their copy. It might have been a show, it might have been an act for the cameras, but I'm going to do the same thing and see what happens. Because I don't think this is really worth covering on our segment.

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