You will be hard-pressed to find sports media who aren't pulling for Colin Kaepernick to win his collusion case against the NFL. Yahoo! Sports' Charles Robinson is trying to make the case that President Donald Trump influenced the NFL to collude against Kaepernick. He writes today that Kaepernick’s lawyers are pursuing a strategy to prove the president influenced the entire NFL to snub the free agent quarterback throughout the 2017 football season..

Running off his mouth about "lawful lynching" in the U.S., Colin Kaepernick (center in photograph) may have hammered several more nails into the "coffin" of his NFL career. But in accepting Amnesty International's Ambassador of Conscience Awardit's highest award—in Amsterdam last night, he thrilled his adoring media base.

On ESPN's First Take talk show Friday, Will Cain asked Stephen A. Smith who will be signed first as an NFL quarterback: Johnny Manziel or Colin Kaepernick. Smith picked Manziel and said that after all the damage Kaepernick has done to himself and the league, drunks could be signed before him. Co-host Max Kellerman argued that the prevailing opposition to Kaepernick by "old white men" could shift as it once did for Muhammad Ali and also because this is an election year.

UVA’s Darden School of Business is at the forefront of popularizing a new, cutting edge business model: antagonize your best customers. Turning the laws of commerce on their head, Darden professor Morela Hernandez and MLB candidate Joseph (Sonny) Siragusa, are arguing that, long-term, flipping off America is a growth industry.

After news broke that Indianapolis Colts player Edwin Jackson was killed by a twice deported illegal immigrant who was driving drunk, it was not shocking that the far-left news network MSNBC would be reluctant to give much attention to the story since it might bolster President Donald Trump's push for greater border security and deportation of illegals. As it turns out, an examination of all MSNBC shows from the past few days finds a grand total of only 35 seconds devoted to the story across two briefs that ran on Wednesday morning.

It's no secret that over the last several weeks liberal outlets like CNN have been aggressively trying to undermine President Donald Trump's push for more border security and aggressive deportation of illegal immigrants  -- even wrongly claiming that the illegal immigrant crime rate is lower than that of the general population when research has found that the crime rate is actually much higher.

Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady wasn't the only one who fumbled at the Super Bowl Sunday night. NBC football analyst Tony Dungy also "fumbled" when he let his Christian faith seep into his remarks about Eagles' quarterback Nick Foles. That's the opinion of free speech "cop" Kyle Koster, senior writer for The Big Lead blog.

The Undefeated's senior NFL writer, Jason Reid, points out that the newly crowned world champion Philadelphia Eagles have an unofficial anthem that really gets them jacked up. Though Harold Jenkins and some of his Eagles' teammates protested the national anthem for much of the 2017 season (albeit in the arguably less disrespectful raised-fist manner), the league's most socially woke team ran out of the tunnel for Super Bowl 52 rilin' up to gangsta rapper/convict Meek Mill's "Dreams and Nightmares."

An NFL season marred by player protests disrespecting veterans and police officers, leading to a damaging loss of public approval for the league, ended Sunday with the Take a Knee and Black Lives Matter movements royally embarrassed themselves outside the Super Bowl in Minneapolis. Protesters, encouraged by progressive media, blocked an entrance at US Bank Stadium and a rail line nearby. Seventeen people were arrested for impeding Super Bowl ticket holders from getting to the game by train.

Sunday's Super Bowl is far more than a battle of AFC and NFC champs. Evan Grossman, of The New York Daily News, calls it a matchup between two franchises from polar opposite ends of the political spectrum, a clash between one of the most socially conscious teams in the NFL — and President Trump’s favorite football franchise. Grossman's characterization of Team Woke and Team Trump is based on flimsy "evidence."

Social justice warrior and sports editor for The Nation, Dave Zirin is giving new meaning to "media day" at the Super Bowl. He disdains interviews of millionaire athletes and billionaire owners, preferring instead to highlight unions, fringe groups and others hoping to exploit the Super Bowl to gain attention for their pet social justice causes.

Colin Kaepernick is fast approaching super hero status because objectivity-challenged media will have you believe he can make a lot of problems go away. Bleacher Report claims the Oakland Raiders can stay out of hot water with the NFL by signing Kaepernick. USA Today claims Kaepernick is the man who can make the NFL's new awareness campaign succeed. And the NFL players' union would have you believe this "Super Saint" is a Community MVP.