A new survey of Native American opinions on the Washington Redskins' nickname once again demonstrates underwhelming opposition to the moniker and just how out of touch the so-called "mainstream media" really is. The new survey duplicates the Washington Post's 2016 poll finding that 90 percent of Natives are not offended by the Redskins' nickname ― much to the disappointment of writers at the Post. Like Theresa Vargas, who insists the name is a dictionary-defined slur, no matter how many people accept the word.

American fencer Race Imboden deserves induction into the "Hall of Shame" for kneeling on the victory stand at the Pan American Games and dishonoring his country on social media Friday. The Democratic Underground certainly loves his tweet blaming a "hateful" President for his pathetic protest, and Bleacher Report gave him a platform for encouraging other athletes to disrespect the U.S. flag.

Washington Post sports writer John Feinstein, author of the 1986 inside look at former Indiana University basketball coach Bobby Knight (A Season On the Brink), can't wait to hear from right-wingers about his latest column condemning the notion of sticking to sports. In a tweet promoting the column, Feinstein dismisses the idea of sports writers and athletes sticking to sport as "ludicrous.":

We can officially classify the USA Today's Jarrett Bell as a multi-tasking sports writer and social justice warrior. He's earned his spurs ― if that isn't too militaristic a word for sensitive progressives ― especially after today's puff piece lathering praise upon the Miami Dolphins' receiver/anthem kneeler Kenny Stills. Bell writes that "Activist and Trump critic Kenny Stills is the kind of player every NFL team needs".

For the second year in a row and following the horrific shootings in Dayton and El Paso, social justice warriors have politicized the Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Champ Bailey and Ed Reed exploited their Hall of Fame platform to position gun violence and racism as America’s biggest issues. A year ago, Hall of Fame inductee Randy Moss wore a tie politicizing the deaths of several African-American men. Carron J. Phillips, a social justice writer for The Shadow League, championed all three former NFL stars as "true patriots."

How low can some media members go? Try knee level. In his post, "Missed Opportunity: Taking a Knee at the Debates", Splinter blogger Hamilton Nolan says Wednesday night's Democrat presidential hopefuls blew a golden opportunity by not kneeling for the national anthem. Evidently the media now look to NFL reject Colin Kaepernick as a role model for presidential wannabes on the Left.

Media fascination with America-hater Colin Kaepernick continues as strong as ever as the NFL readies for its third season without his acidic presence. TMZ Sports is thrilled that Kaepernick gave a shout-out to former teammate Eric Reid, who plans to carry on the despicable spectacles Kaepernick inspired during the 2016 season, his last in the NFL. Former NBA player Grant Hill told CNN's Van Jones that athletes like Kaepernick have the right to be outspoken, and diehard media are still holding out hope that some team would be foolish enough to sign him.

Democrats are so filled with hatred for President Donald Trump and so desperate to regain the White House that they and their media lackeys actually look to NBA coaches for political advice now. Last year there was a failed movement to draft a 2020 presidential ticket of Trump-hating coaches Steve Kerr of Golden State and Greg Popovich of San Antonio. A few days ago, the Huffington Post reported on Kerr bashing Trump and giving the Democrats political advice on how to win back the presidency.

Deadspin columnist Drew Magary on Tuesday went on a long rant about alt-right demands that sports media and athletes stick to sports. Such fans are cowards who support a racist president, oppose anyone with different political views and put the American flag in their Twitter handles, Magary writes in the post titled, "You're not sticking to sports when you're sticking to sports".

The Russian bots are coming! The Russian bots are coming! And they used outrage over Colin Kaepernick's 2016 national anthem protests to mettle in the election, says U.S. Senator and presidential candidate Kamala Harris. In a Friday interview on "The Breakfast Club" radio show, Harris said the easiest way for Russian online trolls to sow discord in American politics in 2016 was to stoke racial animosity.

Sports nickname cops thought they'd counted coup when the Cleveland Indians agreed this season to stop featuring the smiling Chief Wahoo logo on their uniforms and caps. It's the grin that can make a grown-up snowflake cry. Though the chief has been confined to an off-the-field "reservation," the image remains omnipresent throughout the city, and with Cleveland hosting baseball's All-Star Game Tuesday, that really has USA Today writer Gabe Lacques hacked off. The angry journalist threw verbal spears at those fans who will keep the chief's memory alive Tuesday on one of baseball's biggest stages.

Suddenly labeled by media as "Captain America," Colin Kaepernick has saved Nike from making a huge mistake and commanded an apology from a minor league baseball team in Tennessee that realizes you don't tug on Superman's cape. Numerous sports media reported on these two developments this week, driving home the point that a man of Kaepernick's immense social justice stature is not to be disregarded or toyed with.