After 11 years of hemorrhaging money, the Baltimore Sun on Friday announced that the Newseum, a 250,000 square foot temple dedicated to journalists by journalists, will close. The Sun reported that the $500 million building will close at the end of 2019, finally ending the saga of a Washington D.C. museum that was always in debt and had five chief executives in the last nine years. 

I am offended at the Newseum’s T-shirt. Take a look at the label of this t-shirt at the Newseum's gift shop being offered for sale. It is described thusly: “Ladies Alternative Facts Tee.” On the shirt itself it defines “Alternative Fact” as follows: 1. A false statement delivered with deliberate intent to mislead or to deceive. Synonym: lie, prevarication, untruth.


Journalism’s temple to its own self importance, the Newseum in Washington D.C., is on a “death watch,” according to the Washington Post. The 250,000 square foot museum is in such bad shape that even Politico thinks it “deserves to die.”

Speaking to a packed audience at Washington’s The Newseum, Washington Post reporter and new Pulitzer Prize winner David Fahrenthold proclaimed that the Trump era has yielded “a time of extraordinary power for the media in Washington and that — I mean that, power.”

On Wednesday, Washington D.C.’s museum to journalism, the Newseum, announced the 2017 recipients of its second annual Free Expression Awards. The honorees at the April event will be a eclectic mixture of ABC anchor Martha Raddatz, Democratic Congressman John Lewis, Becket Fund for Religious Freedom director Krisina Arriaga, and Playboy founder Hugh Hefner.

Even before Jon Stewart hosted his final edition of The Daily Show on the Comedy Central cable television channel, liberal journalists announced on Thursday that they "are thrilled" to celebrate his 16 years as host, when he “often blurred the lines between news, satire and comedy,” according to a press release from the Newseum in Washington, D.C.

“Today, the Newseum announced it will acquire the set of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” in a “donation” that will become part of the organization's collection “for future display,” the article noted while avoiding the concept that “Fake News” is apparently considered just as good as “Real News” by the museum.

The “Newseum” in Washington is, like it sounds, a museum about journalism. Unlike most DC museums, it’s not free (or taxpayer-funded). It costs $21.95 for an adult to see exhibits like a reconstruction of the late NBC host Tim Russert’s office.

Since this doesn’t sound like a hot tourist destination, they’re now putting on the shamelessly Will-Ferrell- movie-promoting “Anchorman: The Exhibit” in a deal with Paramount Pictures. Get a load of the rationalizations in the Washington Post’s Express tabloid: