Chris Matthews, who on multiple occasions has compared conservatives to Nazis, laughably pleaded for such links to stop. The “Hardball” host begged for civility and noted how “Ted Cruz has done it. Ted Nugent’s done it. Ben Carson has done it. They have all recently compared the Obama administration to Nazi Germany And it is time those analogies stopped for good.

Matthews complained that “Comparing your opponent to Nazi Germany has become a political weapon of choice over differences of opinion lately… I guess I'm up to here with this. And I guess as a Holocaust family member you are particularly bothered by it. But to me the bone-headedness of this. The lack of historic perspective. The lack of any kind of breadth of knowledge about the world we grew up in.” [See video below.]

[UPDATED: See below.] Chris Matthews on Thursday took a break from comparing conservatives to Nazis and instead compared them to movie Nazis. The Hardball anchor opened the program by referencing the classic movie Casablanca. In this example, Barack Obama is the good guy and the Second Amendment supporters are the Nazis.

Matthews spewed, "You know that scene in Casablanca when the French police captain shoots the Nazi, Major Strasser, and Humphrey Bogart does the right thing by Ingrid Bergman, and the anti-Nazi hero Victor Laszlo says 'Welcome back to the fight, Rick'?" In case anyone was unclear on the comparison, the liberal journalist added, "Well, I felt that way today watching President Obama get back to the front in the historic battle for gun safety." [See video below. MP3 audio here.]