Calling your opponents un-American and agitating for the most extreme pro-abortion position doesn’t just get you the attention of Daily Kos or Democratic Underground. It can get you props from a mainstream women’s magazine.

Elle revealed its list of the 10 most powerful women in D.C. on Wednesday – and included NARAL Pro-Choice America President Ilyse Hogue as one of the top picks. Hogue recently accused pro-lifers and tea partiers of “lying and cheating,” and posited that anti-abortion means “anti-American”(even when 58% of Americans want all or most abortions illegal).

Everybody says something stupid and offensive at one time or another. But it takes a special kind of ideologue to turn it into a speech repeated over and over. And that ideologue is NARAL Pro-Choice America President Ilyse Hogue. 

We missed it the first time she told a crowd that pro-lifers are “un-American.” That was at a Feb. 4 event in Washington, D.C. marking the pro-abortion group’s 45th anniversary (see video below). But Hogue liked it so much she said it again in San Francisco on March 4, at an event featuring Sandra Fluke, America’s most famous birth control user.

Let it not be said that MSNBC is never critical of President Obama. When he runs afoul of the abortion lobby, the Lean Forward network will take up arms and fires a few warning shots at the White House for betraying an ally in the "war on women."

"Liberal revolt over Obama judges grows," blares the teaser headline over a photo of a stern-looking Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.). "A revolt against President Barack Obama’s nominees to the federal bench in Georgia has spread from the civil rights icons who paved the way for his presidency to the abortion rights movement," adds a teaser caption [see screen capture below page break], alarming readers that, in the words of NARAL president Ilyse Hogue, “We look to our judicial branch to protect and uphold our values and freedoms." Here's how writer Adam Serwer caught readers up to speed on the controversy [emphasis mine]:

Remember when you could disagree with liberals and not get smeared as extreme and/or dishonest? Me neither. It’s how the left argues – especially about abortion.

During a Google+ hangout on Feb. 10, NARAL Pro-Choice America President Ilyse Hogue bashed the pro-life movement and the tea party for “lying and cheating” to pass legislation. She also asserted that the pro-life stance is “outside of the mainstream.” (Not according the polls). The “#ASKNARAL Pro-Choice Hangout” event featured other NARAL employees in addition to Hogue discussing “choice” and answering questions asked via Twitter.

Yesterday the Supreme Court heard a case, McCullen v. Coakley, which calls into question a Massachusetts law which establishes a speech-free-zone extending 35 feet from the entrance to an abortion clinic. That law provides, however, an exemption for the speech of employees or agents of said abortion clinics, effectively serving as restriction on speech which is NOT content-neutral.

To the extent that liberals in the media have bothered to cover this, there is no shortage of sympathy for the abortion-rights absolutists who vociferously defend this law. That's why a kudos is in order for the Daily Beast not only publishing but promoting on its landing page pro-life liberal Kirsten Powers's warning to her fellow lefties headlined, "Anti-Free Speech Zones Used to Silence Pro-Lifers Could Come Back to Haunt Liberals." Here's an excerpt (emphasis mine):

Actresses, comedians, women empowerment, laughter – why it must be an abortion party!

In her latest piece, titled “Hello, Texas? Abortion Rights Calling,” The Daily Beast’s Sally Kohn advertised an telethon to raise money for “abortion services” in Texas, the “land of Wendy Davis and Jane Roe.” The Nov. 18 event boasts big names, including comedians Lizz Winstead and Sarah Silverman as well as NARAL Pro-Choice America. Oh, and hers truly, Sally Kohn.

When is an event intended to combat “the cultural stigma and shame women are made to feel around abortion” really just an “I’m ok-You’re ok” exercise in self-justification? When you won’t let media record your celebration of infanticide.

Advocates for Youth, along with NARAL Pro-Choice America, hosted a reading of stories composed by women who have had abortions at the Busboys and Poets restaurant in Washington, D.C. on October 28. In part, the reading was publicity for Advocates for Youth’s new book, “1 in 3: These are Our Stories.” The “1 in 3” refers to the group’s contention that a third of women have abortions. Thus, the book brims with personal anecdotes about the wonders of abortion. If the authors had any regrets, they sacrificed them for ideology.

For years, MSNBC has made it clear where it stands on the issue of abortion in America: on the side of promoting abortion rights advocates against any restriction or regulation on the taking of unborn life. Unsurprisingly, one of MSNBC’s most fervent abortion activists is Thomas Roberts, who apart from using his daily MSNBC show to promote gay marriage, has taken it upon himself to rail against any abortion safety laws as limiting “choice.”

But on his July 30 program, Roberts took things a step further with Orwellian language designed to avoid the A-word. Clinics were instead "choice providers," according to Roberts. [See video after jump. MP3 audio here.]

The Washington Post has a tendency of hyping pro-abortion advocates in its pages and the July 2nd edition of the paper was no different. In a 17-paragraph piece in the Metro section, author Ian Shapira lamented a study from the pro-abortion group NARAL which claims that numerous pregnancy crisis centers across Virginia refuse to provide services to women if they plan on aborting their child.

In the heavily pro-NARAL piece, Shapira provided an extremely slanted view of abortion in Virginia, with the shocking revelation that a grand total of “three crisis clinics- advertised on the state’s list of no-cost ultrasound providers – indicated they would refuse copies of ultrasound images, preventing women from getting approval to terminate a pregnancy at an abortion clinic.”

A stubborn, doctrinaire insistence by hard-line abortion rights advocates that a bill titled the Women's Equality Act must not pass without language further liberalizing the Empire State's abortion laws doomed the bill to failure in the New York State Assembly, the New York Times's Thomas Kaplan reported today. Even so, the Times did its best to shield the abortion lobby -- groups like NARAL and Planned Parenthood -- for blame for the death of legislation with "widespread support" that would "strengthen the state’s laws against sexual harassment, human trafficking, domestic violence and salary discrimination."

In his page A16 article article in Monday's Times -- blandly headlined "All-or-Nothing Strategy on Women's Equality Legislation Ends With Nothing" -- reporter Thomas Kaplan noted that:

Last week I noted how the website considered speeches by Gov. Susana Martinez (R-N.M.), Obama co-chair-turned-Republican Artur Davis, and Staples founder Tom Stemberg to not be "notable" enough for inclusion in their "curated" follow-up posts the day after their respective speeches. Well, today, NBC Politics has a post with "highlights from Tuesday night's Democratic National Convention speeches."

Yet while the Democratic Convention has purposefully sought to play up their pro-abortion rights, pro-taxpayer-subsidized contraception stands, the remarks last night by NARAL Pro-Choice America president -- and Democratic Party Platform Committee member -- Nancy Keenan were omitted from the collection. One of the more striking lines invoked the Divine:

Rep. Paul Ryan's 100 percent rating by the pro-life National Right to Life Committee and his support of the "Protect Life Act" are evidence of the Wisconsin Republican's extremism on abortion and as such, should hurt the appeal of the Romney/Ryan ticket with women voters, MSNBC's Alex Wagner argued on the August 14 edition of her noon Eastern Now with Alex Wagner program.

Of course the 100 percent pro-choice record that Barack Obama has with NARAL Pro-Choice America might strike centrist voters as equally "extreme," but Wagner failed to note Obama has never deviated from the NARAL line. What's more, as a state senator, Barack Obama voted AGAINST an Illinois state version of the "Born-Alive Act" which was designed to punish abortionists who kill babies who were born before the abortion procedure was finished in utero. Nothing says pro-abortion extremist like voting against a bill to penalize infanticide, especially considering that a federal version of the bill passed the U.S. Congress in 2002 without any votes in the negative. [MP3 audio here; video follows page break]