NPR’s afternoon talk show “Tell Me More” spent 17 minutes on Thursday on a cover story in The Nation entitled “Feminism’s Toxic Twitter Wars” by Michelle Goldberg, a contributor to The Daily Beast. They called it "Mean Girls Online."

Host Michel Martin interviewed four feminist radicals about nasty online fighting along racial lines, and even "transphobic " lines. The uber-feminist actress Martha Plimpton (a star on Fox's sitcom "Raising Hope") hilariously came under attack because promoting a pro-abortion event called "A Night of a Thousand Vaginas" was cruel to "trans men" who don't have vaginas:

Pro-abortion ideologues have been known to blame "recall bias" on stories or studies that don't go their way.

But here I believe we have an actual case of pro-abortion recall bias.

Recall that on May 26 liberal online journal Salon published the first person account, "Abortion saved my life," by writer Mikki Kendall. Kendall claimed she almost hemorrhaged to death because a hospital doctor "didn’t do abortions. At all. Ever."

On my blog last week I posted an excerpt from the Salon piece, “Abortion saved my life.”

The writer, a blogger named Mikki Kendall, was relaying her first person account of supposedly nearly hemorrhaging to death because a hospital doctor refused to perform the one procedure that would save her life, an abortion. Here was the quote I pulled: