On Thursday, all of Washington, D.C. and every liberal news outlet was obsessed with a pair of early morning tweets sent out by President Trump. But there was also some good being done in D.C. that day. In two bipartisan votes, the House passed both Kate’s Law and a measure to punish sanctuary cities. However, viewers of ABC and CBS would not have known about them since they omitted it from their coverage, while NBC gave it less than 30 seconds.

Joe Scarborough, the GOP representative-turned- MSNBC-host was up to no good, bloviating on the Morning Joe program Friday morning about James Comey’s Thurday testimony.

"Paid family leave." You must use those exact words in that exact order or Mika Brzezinski will go into nitpick overdrive. Such was the case on the March 28 edition of Morning Joe when Mika was interviewing Congressman Raul Labrador who committed the high sin of saying several terms meaning just that yet annoying her by not reciting the exact approved liberal term. 

Monday on Morning Joe, the topic of discussion was Maureen Dowd’s column in the New York Times concerning Trump’s presidency. Co-host Mika Brzezinski, prompting a discussion, introduced and read the column aloud. The Morning Joe crew delighted in a metaphor of the Trump administration “eating its own tail.”

Brzezinski related, “Maureen Dowd really kind of sort of crystallizes what it is we are seeing on one level, the psychological part of Trump and why he’s doing what he is doing or maybe he doesn't know why and maybe he doesn't even like the job..."

On Monday’s Morning Joe, co-host Mika Brzezinski hammered conservative women for daring to work for Donald Trump. Host Mika Brzezinski berated White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kellyanne Conway throughout the show for defending the President. At the start, she went as far to say, “I don't know how anybody can defend this President, even if it's their job.”

During a discussion about Jeb Bush’s early struggles in the 2016 presidential campaign, Morning Joe co-host Mike Brzezinski slammed the former Florida governor for being a “hypocrite about all his money.” 

While Chris Matthews avoided the National Review coverage of Democratic Senate hopeful Michelle Nunn’s leaked campaign strategy, the panel of Morning Joe gave the story a brief three minutes during the three-hour morning news show. MSNBC contributor Willie Geist appealed to Daily Rundown’s Chuck Todd to brush the controversy aside, stating “these plans exist on every campaign” and “it’s just that we have got one in the spotlight this morning.”

The plan in question confronted Nunn’s need to appeal to minorities in the Atlanta area, especially African Americans and Hispanics. Strategists also recommended that the Maryland native tap into the financially viable minorities, such as the “very tight” Asian community, the Jewish population that holds “tremendous financial opportunity”, and the gay community. While Todd did have enough time to compare Nunn’s strategy to “that scene in the Simpsons where Montgomery Burns starts running for governor,” the panel only chose to mention her appeal to the Jewish population.

Has Barack Obama lost Mika Brzezinski? Wednesday morning on Morning Joe, the MSNBC co-host wondered why the President is still refusing to visit the border while in Texas. Brzezinski argued that if Obama really does have a vision, why not go down to Texas and show the Republicans lack of effort on the issue?

Of course, Brzezinski threw in the “make Republicans look bad” caveat, but she also pointed out that, because of how out of hand the crisis at the border has become, “it’s been so difficult to figure out which side has the better point on immigration.”

As we’ve noted here at NewsBusters, the liberal media have remained virtually silent on new reports of years and years of emails being lost from Lois Lerner and other IRS employees. So it was refreshing that MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough spent some time on his June 18 Morning Joe program to briefly discuss the new developments.

Reactions to the news from USA Today that there were “seven hard drive crashes, no centralized archive, and a regular practice of reusing and erasing backup tapes every six months” were met with mockery from many on the panel. Unsurprisingly, the moderately-conservative host and former GOP congressman Scarborough was most appalled [MP3 audio here; video below]:

This morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski discussed the Bergdahl controversy with their panel of guests. Julie Pace of the Associated Press told the panel that the president remains “defiant” in his decision of how his administration brought back Sergeant Bergdahl. Joe Scarborough called the president “extraordinarily tone-deaf.”

Last week, Scarborough shared a heated exchange with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd when discussing the behavior of Berdahl’s father. This morning, however, the panel discussed their confusion with the way the president and his staff have handled the backlash from the Bergdahl swap.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s controversial ban of large soda and sugary drinks was overturned March 11, yet the liberal media continued to promote such a ban.

NBC portrayed Bloomberg’s law as a noble fight for the health of New Yorkers. CNN “Starting Point” anchor Soledad O’Brien threw away her objectivity in an interview by announcing she had been a “long supporter” of the soda ban. CNN host Piers Morgan also chimed in support for the overturned law. But MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski had a complete meltdown, referencing it as a “serious issue” and calling sugar “poison” four times and “toxic” twice.

The liberal media paranoia over Mitt Romney’s tax returns reached a new low on Wednesday's Morning Joe.  For weeks, MSNBC has been fretting over Mitt Romney’s refusal to release more than two years of taxes and has devoted days to discussing this non-issue.

Appearing as a guest on Morning Joe, journalist Carl Bernstein poured gasoline onto the liberal fire by saying Romney’s refusal to release more tax returns was a disgrace asking "how we can have a candidate for President of the United States who won't release his tax returns?"