In the latest example of slanted and distorted reporting against local, state and federal law enforcement officers, Telemundo host María Celeste Arrarás declared that members of the Austin, Texas Police Department were guilty of ‘classic abuse’ as she showed viewers a recent viral arrest video and failed to include in her report key facts about the case.

En anticipación del primer debate entre los aspirantes a la candidatura presidencial del partido Demócrata, la puntera Hillary Clinton se sentó con la presentadora de Telemundo María Celeste Arrarás para una entrevista severa, punzante... ¡ah! ¿a quien se engaña? Toda la cosa fue prácticamente un aviso comercial de la campaña de Hillary.

NBC's Natalie Morales, on Wednesday's Today show, introduced Telemundo's Maria Celeste Arraras to tell the story of a South Florida family that has been separated by immigration laws in a segment that painted plight of the illegal immigrant in the most sympathetic tones. The tale of a Colombian mother deported back to her home country because she overstayed her visa, was part of, as Morales put it: "an NBC wide look at A Nation Divided." Arraras interviewed the children of Claudia Ramirez who were, as the story seemed to intimate, forced to fend for themselves in the U.S. after, as her daughter Kathy described, two "big guys with I.C.E. jackets" took their mom away. 

Arraras mainly focused on the perspective of the family as she interviewed Claudia, her three children and an immigration lawyer, and only allowed one dissenting voice, a former INS agent who pointed out if "we find all these exceptions for people to be able to stay here, even though they violated the law, why should anybody ever go through the legal system?" Arraras, herself, did point out to the daughter "Some people may say, 'Well, this is a very sad case but too bad, your mother should not have come here in the first place.' What, what would you say to that?" To which Kathy guilt-tripped Today viewers by responding: "Have a heart." [audio available here]

The following is a transcript of the full story as it was aired on the May 26 Today show: