In a quick trip from NewsBusters to the doghouse, MSNBC executive Alec Korson, who’s in charge of Morning Joe and its lead-in Way Too Early, apologized to angry Latinos at the National Association of Hispanic Journalists for mocking Mexicans by having a producer drink tequila in a sombrero in front of anchor Thomas Roberts.

He sent a note to NAHJ president Hugo Balta: “On Monday, Cinco De Mayo, Way Too Early made sarcastic references to the way some Americans celebrate the holiday. It was not our intention to be disrespectful and we sincerely apologize for the references. Thomas will be making this apology on Way Too Early tomorrow as well.”

¡Ay caramba! Imagine the cries of offensive ethnic stereotyping or worse if Fox News had observed Cinco de Mayo by having one of its yanqui persons of pallor stagger across the set in a sombrero while chugging from a bottle of tequila?

But it happened on MSNBC, so the PC police probably won't make a peep.  At today's transition from Way Too Early to Morning Joe, there pranced producer Louis Burgdorf with his Halloween-store sombrero and pint bottle.  WTE host Thomas Roberts encouraged Burgdorf "to drink the whole thing and eat the worm," meaning either it was mezcal not tequila or Roberts just doesn't know his south-of-the-border booze.  View the video after the jump.