Hot off the heels of the U.S. women’s World Cup victory, hollywood and the media jumped at the pseudo-issue that is a pay disparity between women and men players, parroting the line that the gals are being shafted in their salaries. If only these folks were interested in the simple economic facts of the matter, like the glaring one that a men’s world cup tournament drags in “40x as much revenue” as the female tournament.

Most Hollywood liberals not only don’t live in Alabama, they don’t visit the state either. But that hadn’t stopped their fury over the state’s attempt to limit the availability of abortion. After the Alabama state senate voted 25-6 in favor of what the liberal media are attacking as a “near-total abortion ban” on May 15, celebrities who celebrate and revere abortion rights reacted on Twitter as if they were possessed and splashed with holy water.

“He who excuses himself, accuses himself.” — Puerto Rican proverb. More than 109 lobbyists and 39 Democrat Members of Congress attended a “winter retreat” last weekend in Puerto Rico, ostensibly to help raise funds for damage caused by Hurricane Maria in 2017, reports Fox News. The fun in the sun was enhanced by a limited run of the Broadway hit “Hamilton,” starring its creator, lead actor, and Democrat partisan, Lin-Manuel Miranda.

En días recientes, el veterano presentador de Univisión Jorge Ramos le hizo una entrevista al célebre dramaturgo Lin-Manuel Miranda en la que abordaron muchos temas sin realmente decir nada y menos sobre una importante noticia respecto a la presentación de la obra Hamilton en Puerto Rico.

Univision senior anchor Jorge Ramos and noted playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda recently had an interview in which they managed to talk about a lot of different things, while saying nothing and leaving out some major news regarding Hamilton's upcoming run in Puerto Rico.

In the effort to serve up stories about the founding fathers with a modern, liberal, hip hop twist, Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda has done it again. He has just dropped a new remix of one of his kitschy broadway showtunes that features everyone’s favorite cool guy president, Barack Obama.

Had enough celebrity political opinion? Not if the celebrities themselves have anything to say about (and oh, they do …). With just a week to go until the Midterms, several of them are actually insisting on bothering people on their doorsteps.

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Ben Platt have added a show tune to the soundtrack of the Parkland, Florida student’s gun-control campaign. It’s pretty ironic that the Hamilton star who brought a story of the American founding back into mainstream is so gung-ho about restricting 2nd Amendment rights.

La estrella musical de Broadway Lin-Manuel Miranda, sigue inyectando política abyecta y pendenciera a los esfuerzos de recuperación en Puerto Rico tras el paso del huracán María, y la prensa liberal le hace coro sin cuestionarle o rectificar ninguno de sus comentarios engañosos y partidistas al extremo.

Broadway musical star Lin-Manuel Miranda continues to inject abject, over-the-top partisan politics into his post-Hurricane María relief efforts for Puerto Rico, and the liberal media just keep lapping it up, failing to challenge or call him out on any of his demonstrably false, hyper-partisan statements.

On Friday, all three network morning shows invited on Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda to promote a new song he produced with other celebrities to raise funds for hurricane relief in Puerto Rico. However, the conversation quickly turned political and nasty as the hosts of each broadcast highlighted Miranda’s Twitter attack on President Trump in which he claimed the commander-in-chief was “going straight to hell.”

Over the weekend, instead of reporting on the Puerto Rico relief efforts and how they were crippled by circumstance, the liberal media chose to champion the anti-Trump criticism from Democratic San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz. After President Trump pushed back against the criticism, the media sensed blood in the water and went all in. On Sunday’s Good Morning America, ABC Correspondent David Wright touted public outrage at the President, including one actor claiming Trump was going to Hell.