Despite ABC’s best efforts to degrade Christianity and Texans, the anti-Christian hate-mongering series “GCB” (short for “Good Christian Bitches”) has been canceled because of poor performance in the ratings.

“GCB” earned significant backlash from both Christians and Texans, and had a dynamic history of mocking Christianity and the south. The worst of its agenda included advocating for porn in Christian marriages, malicious use of Scripture, an unholy fixation on sex and the sexualizing of teenagers, and more than 100 attacks on Christianity in its short run.

“Hell Hath No Fury,” the second episode in ABC’s unholy mess “GCB,” was even worse than the pilot. Despite the vain and meager PR attempts by its Jesus-touting stars, the show's true agenda of degrading Christianity, conservatives, and Texans shines as bright as the light of Heaven with a total of 72 attacks on the Christian faith in a mere two episodes.

“GCB’s” sin-filled debut left audiences and advertisers questioning Disney-owned ABC’s credibility. Because of the show’s blatant assault on a particular audience, Kraft pulled its Philadelphia Cream Cheese ad  from the programming faster than Kristen Chenoweth could don one of her hideous “Southern” costumes.