Leave it to the Lean Forward network to entrust fair reporting on pro-life legislation in Congress to a woman who won the 2013 New York Abortion Access Fund's Champion for Choice Award.

In her January 28 story, "House passes abortion insurance restriction," MSNBC.com's Irin Carmon quoted from just one Republican who voted for the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act and yet found three male Democratic congressmen and one female Democratic congresswoman to slam the measure:

As the Democrat leadership and their media minions try to convince America that town hall protesters are an angry mob organized by conservative organizations, they completely ignore the efforts by Obama supporters at such gatherings.

The following video shows how members of Organizing for America -- the new iteration of the presidential candidate's campaign group Obama for America -- passed out pro-healthcare reform signs and leaflets before Rep. Kathy Castor's (D-Fla.) now infamous town hall meeting in Tampa, Florida, last Thursday.

Also distributing information were members of SEIU.

If we really had an honest news media in this country today, videos like the one embedded below would be included in reports about what dissenters are doing at such events (h/t NB reader Tony McHugh):

Blogs on both sides of the political aisle exploded last night, as first reports rolled in about a union event breaking out at a fight. That’s an exaggeration, of course.  However, here are the facts, as far as we’re able to tell.

Rep. Kathy Castor (D-FL) scheduled a last-minute town hall meeting for yesterday evening, essentially tagging along on Florida State Rep. Betty Reed’s (D) already-scheduled town hall meeting.  This meeting was also officially hosted by the Service Employees international Union, a highly politically active union that is a reliable ally of liberal Democratic politicians.  Between RedState.com and conservative talk-radio king Rush Limbaugh, local conservative activists found out about this meeting and decided to crash the party.

The first reports came in through the Tampa Bay local media, depicting a rowdy town hall meeting interrupted by conservative activists demanding to be heard.  This was a fairly straightforward story which contained simple quotes and facts, written by one William March.  There was one quote which was particularly intriguing: