New York Times reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg took on a weird assignment: puffing up Katherine Weymouth, publisher of The Washington Post. A cynic might joke that Stolberg could apply for a job at the Post in a less obvious way. Or the Times is self-conciously trying to say “Newspapers are still glamorous properties!” and repeat it for emphasis.

Stolberg wrote that 47-year-old Katherine convened a “power dinner” at her house and passed muster with her mommy, Lally Weymouth, as worthy of Lally’s mommy, Watergate-era Post publisher Katharine Graham. It all went overboard into a goo puddle when this family are like “royalty” and national newspapers are “crown jewels” – even if the Times just unloaded the Boston Globe like it was cubic zirconia:

A Washington Post marketing executive announced his resignation today 10 weeks after he spearheaded the paper’s 'salons,' exclusive dinners that offered lobbyists and industry leaders a chance to mingle with Washington lawmakers and Post reporters—for $25,000 a head.