The Ted Cruz bashing continued on ABC’s The View, Wednesday, with Joy Behar excoriating the “dangerous,” “anti-Muslim” Republican candidate. The co-hosts discussed Cruz’s call for preemptive monitoring and cooperation with Muslim communities to prevent terrorism. Behar snarled, “All this business of being anti-Muslim is not helping the situation. We need to take a long view of terrorism.” 

With polls showing Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders running neck and neck with  Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton in Iowa and New Hampshire, it’s clear Sanders has benefitted from his own cheering section in the liberal media. Instead of laughing off the candidacy of a candidate who is so left he spent his honeymoon in the USSR, members of the media couldn’t contain their excitement over how Sanders could energize the Democratic base and pull Hillary Clinton even further to the left.

During Wednesday's edition of ABC's The View program, co-host Whoopi Goldberg happily stated that GOP front-runner Donald Trump is “taking heat from all sides for his plan to ban Muslims from entering America.”

“Because we have freedom of speech in this country, he’s allowed to say what he wants to say,” the comedian said regarding the Republican presidential candidate. “However, there are consequences.”

They're rude, annoying, smug and biased. And to Time magazine's managing editor, they're "angels?" Richard Stengel called the four-fifths liberal hosts of ABC's "The View" on April 30 "Angels of Democracy" in an appearance on the show. As he discussed the release of "The Time 100: The World's Most Influential People, " which includes all five women, and lavished praise on them:

"Part of the reason you guys are on there, you're like America's water cooler. People come around, they listen to you. You start, you're like the angels of democracy. You start people talking about the things that are most important in society."

Things like sex, porn and sex toys, sex ed for five-year-olds, and more sex? Or maybe its bashing the Catholic Church, hypocritically defending Barack Obama or sniffing at religious Christmas cards?

The magazine hit news stands on April 30. People including Barack and Michelle Obama, Sarah Palin, and Zac Effron made the list. Each "winner," as Stengel referred to them, has their impact written by "somebody famous." New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg wrote the article on the ladies of the show.

Now that they made the list, the leftist hosts of The View, along with Elizabeth Hasselbeck's sole dissenting voice of the five, will be able to nominate influential people for next year's top 100 edition.