For anyone who thinks CNN is dedicated to bringing the American people together, you’re sadly mistaken. Case in point two examples from CNN International on early Tuesday and Wednesday mornings where guest Segun Oduolowu declared the GOP to be neo-Nazis while leaders like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are “old slave owners” who ignored lynchings.

LindaDouglass1010The arrangement described here is so journalistically incestuous I was considering hanging an NC-17 (or worse) rating on this post.

You see, the husband of a former longtime ABC reporter held a Democratic National Committee fundraiser at the couple's home Thursday night at which President Barack Obama appeared for 15 minutes. The reporter's husband was on the Obama campaign's national finance committee and now is the chairman of a White House commission. As if it really matters, the former ABC reporter, Linda Douglass, who left to work for Obama's presidential campaign and who then joined his administration for 18 months until landing a media management gig at the Atlantic, says she was "not involved" in the event.

Keach Hagey at the Politico took a bit longer to describe things, accompanied by what I think was supposed to be a flattering picture of Ms. Douglass (seen above, but cropped for this post):

Linda Douglass explains DNC fundraiser