Gay activist/sex columnist Dan Savage has been honored across the liberal media elite as an anti-bullying activist. Will any of his media-elite fans notice his latest column that repeatedly asks a recently retired 69-year-old conservative Canadian Member of Parliament to perform oral sex on front of a camera crew?

In his latest “Savage Love” column, published in alternative weekly newspapers in hip cities across America, Savage insisted anyone who insists homosexuality is a choice and not an unavoidable genetic trait is a “choicer” and part of “just another group of deranged conspiracy theorists,” like 9/11 truthers and birthers. Here’s the complete attack (warning: graphic sexual bullying follows).

[Update, 6:06 pm Eastern: CNN ran a slanted commercial promoting Tuchman's report on Anderson Cooper 360 on Monday afternoon, touting how then-Cardinal Ratzinger apparently "resisted" Bishop Cummins's requests to expel the abuser from the priesthood. (see video at right).]

CNN's Gary Tuchman revisited a three-week-old story on a priest abuse case in California during a segment on Monday's AC360, and did his best to cast Pope Benedict XVI's handling of the priest's removal from priestly life (laicization), when he was Cardinal Ratzinger, in the worst light possible. Tuchman omitted key details about the case which clarify the then-cardinal's conduct in handling it.

Anchor Anderson Cooper gave a slanted introduction to the correspondent's report, which aired 46 minutes into the 10 pm Eastern hour: "Protecting predator priests instead of their prey- that is at the center of the growing sex scandal rocking the Catholic Church. And as we've been reporting, questions surrounded Pope Benedict XVI...Well, tonight, an accusation from survivors of abuse in California, that the future pope delayed the removal of a pedophile priest, and as you'll see if in our '360' investigation, the most damaging evidence may have been put in writing."