On Tuesday's front page, Washington Post reporter Jason Horowitz reported press secretary Robert Gibbs will eventually be promoted out of that pedestrian job of White House press secretary and become a senior strategist. Team Obama's disdain for their press enablers was a given:

By and large, positive coverage has always been a fact of life in the Obama universe, so it's not surprising that the administration's press secretary, especially one who is personally close to the president, is less interested in wooing the reporters in the room than sparring with them.

Horowitz noted some terse exchanges from several weeks ago between Gibbs and the network correspondents, but suggested that the press was increasingly "anachronistic" and irrelevant and Gibbs' job was "less lofty" than it used to be: 

The Washington Post is still having trouble with how the voters rejected their favorite Democrats. The bias erupted in a front page headline on Tuesday:

'Scozzafava' turns into epithet

It's a Grand Old Purging as moderate's ouster spotlights Republican dysfunction

Like most of the leftist illiterati in the U.S., trash novelist Erica Jong has revealed symptoms of what appears to be a mental nervous breakdown over this election. In an interview to the Italian daily Corriere della Sera, Jong fretted that an Obama loss would "spark the second American Civil War" and also that his loss would cause "blood to run in the streets." She also admitted that she was experiencing a "paralyzing terror" about the upcoming election. It seems that those most mentally disturbed by this election inhabit the American far left, revealing a seeming delicately balanced mental state -- or maybe I should say an unbalanced one.

Jason Horowitz of the New York Observer brings us Jong's overwrought blather and also notes that Jong seems to think the same worries are being echoed by many of her jet-setting comrades. Jong notes that Jane Fonda, Naomi Wolf, Ken Follett and others have agreed with her that the world will end if the messiah isn't elected.