Roughly 24 hours after attacking Christianity as contributing to the Orlando terror attack on the gay night club, Wednesday’s CBS Evening News did their due diligence in devoting a full segment to how a slew of Islamic countries punish anyone who is or suspected of being gay with death. 

Credit President Obama for finally using the words he has desperately tried to avoid during his presidency. He correctly called the mass shooting in an Orlando gay nightclub Sunday morning, which killed 49 and injured 53, "an act of terror." It was, writes The New York Times, the "deadliest attack on a gay target in the nation’s history."

As Jodi Miller announces in the video below, the May 31, 2016 episode of NewsBusted marked the final edition in a great nine years providing NewsBusters readers with a humorous take on the week’s top stories. This post features the final episode, with a special thank you message from Jodi herself, as well as links to the archive of past episodes.

Social media giant Twitter's got 99 problems, yet the politically correct company is far more worried about the "optics" of cooperating with federal agents trying to stop jihadist plotters online. Hashtag it: #TwistedTwitterPriorities.

During the 5:00 p.m. Eastern hour of MSNBC’s live coverage concerning the terror attacks in Belgium, breaking news anchor and former NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams shot back at State Department spokesman John Kirby when Kirby claimed that the attacks in Brussels illustrate why Islamic terrorist groups like ISIS are on the run.

Leading off Monday’s Kelly File on the Fox News Channel (FNC), host Megyn Kelly took the liberal media and the Obama administration to task for having all but moved on from the January 7 attack by an ISIS-inspired Muslim on a Philadelphia police officer with White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest downplaying the event hours earlier to ABC’s Jonathan Karl.

On Wednesday, the late-night comedy show hosts gave their thoughts on the previous evening’s Republican debate and, naturally, the jokes skewed to the left. Most prominent, Late Show host Stephen Colbert trashed conservative donor Sheldon Adelson as a “part-time Kuato” (a reference to the alien in the movie Total Recall) and Late Night host Seth Meyers joked that each of the nine major candidates “had definitely been radicalized by ISIS.”

The “big three” of ABC, CBS, and NBC all prominently touted on Monday night President Barack Obama’s visit to the Pentagon to discuss the fight against ISIS, but skimped on reporting any criticism of the administration’s strategy but instead lamenting that he’s had to try once “again to reassure an anxious nation” despite polls showing Americans are concerned about the growing threat of terrorism.

The December edition of the CBS News/New York Times poll came out on Thursday and, naturally, the results were covered on the CBS Evening News but, as per the liberal media’s usual pattern, it left out a slew of poll results in which voters gave President Obama poor marks on terrorism, the fight against ISIS, and how the country remains on the wrong track. Instead, CBS chose to devote all of its coverage (two and a half minutes) concerning its own poll to the results pertaining to the 2016 Republican field. 

Seeking to crack a few jokes and draw a moral equivalency and lump together Islamophobia and liberal stereotypes of conservatives, Tuesday’s Daily Show featured host Trevor Noah and correspondent Hasan Minhaj quipping that “Donald Trump is white ISIS” and, because of that, we "should not allow any conservatives into the White House."

Acting as though the latest news the war against ISIS, new developments in the Hillary Clinton scandal or any other story barely existed, the “big three” networks of ABC, CBS, and NBC devoted a whopping 24 minutes and three seconds of their Tuesday evening newscasts to obsessing over Donald Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims entering the United States. Not surprisingly, NBC Nightly News led the way by spending nearly half its newscast on Trump with five segments adding up to 12 minutes and 34 seconds. 

In the latest analogy put forth by a member of the liberal media to praise President Obama, CNN’s Fareed Zakaria opined on Monday’s CNN Tonight that the President used his speech to the nation on Sunday to come across as the “cool” “fireman” who will “douse” the “flames” started by Donald Trump. Additionally, Zakaria hailed the speech as “vintage Obama” as he conducted “an adult conversation” with the American people about ISIS and forced them to accept his ISIS strategy since “not a lot of people have come up with an alternative.”