In a sad but entirely predictable turn, the far-left seized on the horrible shooting at UCLA to tout on Twitter their gun control agenda and attack lawful gun owners as well as people of faith for praying in this dire time. 

Don Lemon acted less as an anchor and more like a liberal activist during two segments on Wednesday's CNN Tonight — tag-teaming with Igor Volsky of Think Progress to repeatedly interrupt and shout down conservative radio host Ben Ferguson over his support for gun rights. Lemon dismissed Ferguson's concern over President Obama's executive orders: "Does anybody in their right mind out there in America actually believe that the President is going to take away guns in America? It's never, ever, ever going to happen."

Don Lemon granted the heckler's veto to Igor Volsky of Think Progress on Tuesday's CNN Tonight. Volsky repeatedly interrupted conservative talk show host Ben Ferguson during a segment about President Obama's orders on gun control, and unleashed on the pro-gun lobby: "They want to silence any reasonable discussion about what can you do when a guy walks into a school and kills twenty first graders. That's the reason why it's about the 'Second Amendment.'" The left-wing guest put up his fingers up as scare quotes as he mentioned the Second Amendment.

Following the liberal media’s strategy of attacking God-fearing people for offering their “thoughts and prayers” concerning the San Bernardino shooting, Thursday’s NBC Nightly News joined that chorus with a unrelenting report from NBC News correspondent and MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell that also lamented the lack of Democratic gun control proposals. She touted: "Liberal blogger Igor Volsky set off a tweet storm, calling out lawmakers who offer prayers but oppose new gun laws, pointing out how much money they received from the NRA."

In addition to his hours-long Twitter tirade on Wednesday attacking God-fearing people for offering their “thoughts and prayers” in reaction to the San Bernardino, Think Progress contributing editor Igor Volsky capped off his day on the 11:00 p.m. Eastern edition of MSNBC’s All In where host Chris Hayes gave him the floor to pontificate about how “all we hear from these people is thoughts and prayers” and no action against the NRA.

Following shocking revelations exposed by NBC News that the Obama Administration knew millions of Americans would lose their health insurance under ObamaCare, the folks at MSNBC have been doing their best to provide cover for President Obama and Democrats in Congress.

Despite this damning revelation, MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts sees private insurance companies as the real culprit, not ObamaCare which forces consumers to purchase insurance benefits they do not need. Roberts claims that the problem is:

Not so much about defending Igor [Volsky] to their constituents, but explaining to constituents that you had a subpar junk policy that does not meet a mandated requirement of quality care in our country. Basically, you were being boondoggled to pay for something worthless. [See video after jump. MP3 audio here.] 

A bad stretch for liberals just got worse, all because George Zimmerman decided again he needed to get out of a vehicle.

This time Zimmerman helped rescue a family of four from a wrecked SUV in Florida. Turns out it was more than left-wing radio hosts Bill Press and Stephanie Miller could bear, as both expressed doubts about the incident while heaping aspersions on Zimmerman, who recently showed how a man of color facing a murder charge in a high-profile case could get a fair trial in America. (Audio clips after the jump)

On Sunday morning's Melissa Harris-Perry show on MSNBC, the host noted angrily that 17 Democrats voted to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for failing to produce documents in the Fast & Furious scandal. Harris-Perry brought on Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.), chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, to ask him if it wouldn't be better for the Democrats to go "without" the moderate-to-conservative Blue Dogs in favor of a "more easily corralled group."

Harris demanded all Democrats need to "get on the same page" before the Democrats convene in Charlotte in September, and nearly omnipresent MSNBC guest Karen Finney suggested the 17 anti-Holder Democrats were all terrified of the NRA and other outside spending groups: