MSNBC's Morning Joe isn't one to shy away from hyperbole when talking about life in Trump's America and Monday's show was no exception.  The Monday panel was joined by Harvard professors Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt to discuss the state of democracy and American institutions as their book, How Democracies Die, was being released in paperback.

Speaking to graduates at Harvard University on Thursday morning, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg -- no conservative he -- warned against the consequences of intolerance on college campuses. Not only did he warn those in attendance of falling prey to intolerance, but he warned against the growing disease that plagues college campuses; that is, the repression of conservative ideology.

It was a bombshell speech of sorts, considering this spring's spate of commencement speakers bowing out of their engagements thanks to vocal protests by left-wing student activist groups. But only two network morning shows bothered to mention Bloomberg’s remarks. CBS This Morning aired a sound bite, as did CNN’s New Day, which also devoted several minutes to discussing the speech with a panel of guests.