Americans are destined this day to by bludgeoned by liberal media members gushing and fawning over the May Day and Occupy protests all over the country.

The farce of a so-called “news network” MSNBC certainly did its part Tuesday by promoting Harrison Schultz, one of the original Occupy Wall Street organizers who right from the top admitted to being an anarchist while later expressing his desire for radical changes to America’s capitalist structure (video follows with transcribed highlight and commentary):

Trust him--he might be young, but he's a "professional sociologist."  So did Harrison Schultz, an organizer of the "Occupy Wall Street" protests, describe himself to Al Sharpton on MSNBC this evening.  And he wants Al and us to know that "a lot of the people that are here are in fact anarchists, are in fact revolutionaries.  . . . We don't really want to fix [the problems]. It's revolution, not reform."

There are also some amusing factoids about Harrison.  When he's not out fomenting revolution, Schultz is an . . . analyst for a marketing firm. Oh yeah, and in his oh-so-bourgeois LinkedIn profile, Harrison wants people to know he worked at Bank of America providing "assistance for several investment bankers." Oh, the horror! Video after the jump.