The Olympic Games, which begin this week, is an exhibition of the sportsmanship, teamwork, and the competitive spirit that make sports so enjoyable. But for many in the media, sports is just another excuse to engage in divisive political commentary. The sports media transform an apolitical past-time into a forum for their own politics.

Progressives have actively attempted to remake the Olympics into a celebration of their own political ideals. From calls to make the summer Games “a forum for the promotion of LGBT rights,” to criticism of the International Olympic Committee as “the 1 percent of the 1 percent,” lefties care less about the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat than using the world’s biggest sporting event to pound for their pet causes.

If it's Friday, Bill Maher must be saying something offensive about conservatives.

True to form, during his opening monologue on HBO's "Real Time," the host quipped about ESPN terminated its relationship with Hank Williams Jr. this week, "If we're going to fire every southern hillbilly who thinks Obama is like Hitler, who will be our Republican Congressmen?

A bad joke about President Obama that involved Adolf Hitler is apparently unpardonable to ESPN, whereas a crass sexual reference about former Gov. Sarah Palin (R), well, that may actually be riotously funny to some at the network.

ESPN today announced that it will no longer use Hank Williams Junior's "Are You Ready for Some Football" to promote the network's "Monday Night Football" programming after Williams's comment on Monday's "Fox & Friends" comparing the famous Boehner/Obama golf outing to Adolf Hitler playing golf with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

A country boy can survive the Obama administration. Just ask Hank Williams, Jr.

The country music artist --  best known to millions of Americans regardless of their musical taste for his "Are You Ready For Some Football?" theme to Monday Night Football -- was profiled yesterday by Bill Lynch of the Charleston [W.V.] Gazette (h/t my NB colleague Tim Graham).

Lynch spent a considerable portion of his profile focused on Williams's politics, including his upcoming gig at a Labor Day TEA Party:

Alexandra Pelosi's HBO documentary, Right America: Feeling Wronged -- Some Voices from the Campaign Trail, certainly caricatured McCain-Palin voters as a bunch of redneck racists, but it also showed how conservatives see the media as the enemy, and featured a short clip of a fun Hank Williams Jr. song take-off against the “left wing liberal media.”  

In the 45-minute production, which will re-run several times over the next week or so (HBO's schedule for it), Pelosi showed a snippet of Hank Williams Jr. singing these lyrics at a McCain-Palin rally in Ft. Wayne, Indiana:
The left wing liberal media have always been a real close-knit family.

But most of the American people don't believe them anyway, you see.