You had to figure that the Associated Press would at some point finally recognize the existence of the nation's "booming economy," at least compared to the historically weak 7-1/2 years of post-recession malaise which preceded it. Well, they're finally doing it — and erroneously tagging it with sole blame for the fast-growing homelessness problem in the nation's three West Coast states.

Wednesday night's coverage of protests outside the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia delivered by Fox Business Network and the Associated Press could hardly have differed more.

FBN reported "thousands" of angry protesters oustide who were in no way mollified by Bernie Sanders' endorsement of Hillary Clinton or calls for unity. Geoff Mulvhill and Megan Trimble at the AP only described "tension ... that lingered in pockets of Philadelphia" during a "mostly quiet Day 3," and claimed there were only "hundreds" outside.

Former Atlantic City Mayor Robert Levy (D) pleaded guilty today to lying about his military service in order to obtain financial benefits to which he was not entitled. Levy is a Democrat, but keeping with AP tradition, his party affiliation was not disclosed in Geoff Mulvihill's 8-paragraph article "Former Atlantic City Mayor Pleads Guilty." (h/t NewsBusters reader Martin Edward)

NewsBusters Warner Todd Huston, Richard Newcomb and I wrote about Levy in early October, when he went AWOL from his mayoral office as federal authorities were concluding their investigation.

However, as we've noted on NewsBusters repeatedly, Republican politicians facing criminal charges or sexual scandal are labeled by party affiliation by AP reporters.