Those who believe history is presumptively written by the winners haven't seen Francis Wilkinson's attempt to create a bogus narrative on the four-year IRS scandal which appeared at Bloomberg News on Monday. 

Francis Wilkinson at Bloomberg View used to write on politics for Rolling Stone, and it shows. He went on the warpath against Sen. Tim Scott in a column titled “Do Republicans Lower the Bar for Blacks?”

This is not a serious question from the Democrats who wouldn’t call it “lowering the bar” to give race-baiting huckster Al Sharpton an hour each night on MSNBC to mangle the English language. He’s angry Sen. Scott has no challenger since he’s “so far to the right” that he’s upset the NAACP:

Francis Wilkinson, executive editor of The Week news magazine, seems to think that The New York Times is a model of restraint with a centrist editorial policy and that conservatives should be afraid of the day when the Old Gray Lady publishes its last sheet. My guess: if your eyebrow could be raised any higher at this claim, it'd become a toupee.

In a somewhat contradictory piece headlined "Will GOP regret attacks on The Times?," Wilkinson by turns says that The New York Times has on one hand allowed the Bush administration to program its content while on the other hand says that the paper exhibits "bedrock liberal assumptions that define the paper." How it can be both is hard to understand, but Wilkinson seems to think it's possible.

The central point of the piece, though, sets up a sort of straw man that is then knocked down by saying that The New York Times is a model of journalistic restraint that will be sorely missed by conservatives when the paper is buried to be replaced by Internet based "news" outlets like The Huffington Post and Talking Points Memo. Even so, this piece is not without merit.