The Hillary Clinton campaign released the 2015 joint federal income tax return filed by Mrs. Clinton and her ex-President husband Bill this week. Among other things, the Clintons reported total income of over $10.7 million, incurred income and self-employment taxes of over $3.6 million, and deducted $1 million for a charitable contribution to (imagine that) the Clinton Foundation.

According to CNN's Errol Louis and Kate Bolduan, as seen in a discussion Sunday on CNN's Inside Politics, the contents of the Clintons' return make them seem "more middle classy."

On Thursday's New Day on CNN, as a panel discussed the Republican National Convention, CNN political commentator Errol Louis suggested that "angry" convention crowds and their "mob chant" could put Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton "back in her sweet spot" so that she can argue that she is preferable in the White House in contrast with the "craziness" on the other side. For her part, CNN correspondent Maeve Reston declared that the conventon so far is appealing to the "Fox News crowd" by focusing on issues like Benghazi.

On Wednesday's New Day, during a discussion of Chris Christie's speech at the Republican National Convention and audience reaction, CNN panel members used words like "vitriolic" and "pretty ugly" to describe the GOP gathering. Co-anchor Chris Cuomo warned that Republicans are helping Hillary Clinton by "going too far," and also worked in a rationalization of his claim from Tuesday that Clinton did not send classified information by email "in any real way." And there was also some jabbing at "the conservative media" for allegedly spreading misinformation through "repetition."

On Wednesday's New Day, CNN political commentator Errol Louis dismissed Republicans who wish to further pursue the Hillary Clinton email server scandal as "partisans," and ended up warning that it would be a "huge" and "Benghazi-like mistake" for them to do so, as he asserted that "this is always the trap that Clinton's opponents fall into, is that they sort of overstate it."

On Monday's New Day, after a discussion of the possibility that some Britons may have buyers' remorse after the Brexit vote to end EU membership and how the issue plays into the U.S. presidential election, CNN political commentator Errol Louis claimed that Republicans have been on a trend of candidates making "more extreme" promises that they cannot keep to their base. Moments later, former CNN anchor Ali Velshi -- also a former Al Jazeera America host -- asserted that he hoped journalists would "press" Donald Trump on specifics, as he predicted that Hillary Clinton would "shine" in the debates.

On Monday's New Day, CNN's David Gregory barely acknowledged the criticism of Hillary Clinton for not holding press conferences before trying to offer excuses for the former first lady: "I think she would much rather give the spotlight of negative publicity to Donald Trump, who's doing an excellent job occupying that spotlight....I don't think she wants to face a series of questions and follow-up questions on the I.G. report; on Clinton Foundation donations, and the, kind of, unscripted nature of a press conference."

On Wednesday's New Day, David Gregory actually pointed out the obvious about Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign in the wake of her loss in West Virginia on Tuesday: "Bernie Sanders is exposing the weakness of Hillary Clinton as a candidate; as a front-runner within her own party. That's been true from the beginning." By contrast, the CNN newscast's Big Three competitors the same morning were hyping Sanders's win as merely a "bump" on Clinton's "path to the general election," as Norah O'Donnell put it on CBS This Morning.

Appearing as a guest on Friday's New Day, the morning after declaring that Republicans are "detached from rational" thought on Hillary Clinton, CNN political commentator Errol Louis continued inoculating Clinton from charges of malfeasance in the email scandal as he charged that, "in the kangaroo courts of right-wing talk radio, for Donald Trump, for the Republican party," a clean report from the FBI would not change their views on the issue because "they have already convicted her." He then predicted that their "talking points" would not change.

Appearing as a panel member on Thursday's Anderson Cooper 360, CNN political commentator Errol Louis -- political anchor for Time Warner Cable News -- painted critics of Hillary Clinton as being "detached from any kind of rational reading of the facts in many cases" as he inoculated Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton from possibly damaging revelations that could come from the FBI investigation into her email server.

Appearing as a guest on Saturday's Smerconish show, CNN political commentator Errol Louis -- political anchor for Time Warner Cable News -- began the segment by blaming Donald Trump for violence by left-wing protesters near his appearances, and concluded the segment with an admittedly "snarky" comment as he sarcastically praised Trump because "he hasn't been endorsed by any Ku Klux Klan leaders lately, so that's one nice thing."

CNN's Don Lemon refreshingly went after Hillary Clinton on Thursday's New Day over her smear of Republicans/conservatives on Wednesday's AC360. Clinton used Donald Trump's stumble on the abortion to attack pro-lifers in general: "They all want to dictate a women's reproductive health care decisions...Now maybe, they aren't quite as open about it, as Donald Trump was earlier today. But they all have the same position." Lemon contended that "to say that all conservatives feel the way that Donald Trump feels about abortion, I think, is a bit much."

After the Wednesday editions of CBS This Morning and NBC’s Today attempted to excuse the Washington Post cartoon depicting Ted Cruz’s daughters as moneys, various hosts and guests throughout the day on CNN and MSNBC followed suit by chiding the “weird” and “controversial” Cruz for sending out fundraising e-mails related to the smear and “not reacting kindly” to cartoonist Ann Telnaes’s latest work.