Corrected from earlier*: On the May 16 Kudlow Report program on Fox Business Network, NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell hit the nail on the head, predicting that the media would quickly shift into the "Move On!" mode as they would start attacking Republicans as scandal-obsessed. The same evening on Fox News Channel's Hannity, Bozell noted how former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather was already using the Clinton scandal playbook and grousing that Republicans need to "move on."

Sure enough, a week later when the Media Research Center returned to Hannity for another "Media Mash" segment [watch the video embed below the page break], he had plenty of fresh material from the networks to illustrate how the liberal media are doing precisely that. After watching a montage of journalists complaining that Republicans may be guilty of "overreach" with their dogged pursuit of the IRS investigation, Bozell reminded guest host Eric Bolling that "this is the old game plan, which is":

To normal people, the Fox News Channel is just one cable TV channel among hundreds or thousands on their set-top boxes. To a very tiny minority of Americans, though, FNC is the very apotheosis of evil in America, even “worse than Al Qaeda” as the deranged Keith Olbermann once put it back when he was employed.

For these people, Fox News is something to be not only feared and loathed, it’s also something to make up stories about. The latest lefty to come out with a tall-tale about Fox News is MSNBC contributor and veteran purveyor of conventional group-think Jonathan Alter. The former Newsweek editor claims in an upcoming book that FNC chief Roger Ailes ordered liberal pundit Geraldo Rivera’s microphone silenced during a particularly heated debate last year over the terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya:

"This is the ugly, intolerant face of the radical left that's taken over liberalism today," declared NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell on Thursday's Hannity program, reacting to charges by MSNBC's Al Sharpton and Mike Barnicle that conservatives up in arms over Mike Bloomberg's proposed soda ban are animated by anti-Semitism. Bozell appeared on the March 28 program with guest host Eric Bolling for the popular weekly "Media Mash" segment.

"You can't have an [honest] conversation with these radicals" at MSNBC, the Media Research Center founder complained. "I pine for the days of George McGovern... I pine for the days of Joe Lieberman, where are you when I need you? Because you could have a serious conversation, serious disagreements, but you weren't attacked personally for them," Bozell noted. "This is the radical left that goes for character assassination anytime it's faced with a debate" against conservatives. [watch the full Mash segment below the page break; special thanks to my colleague Scott Whitlock for the video]

As NewsBusters reported Monday, actor Jim Carrey released a satirical video at the comedy website Funny or Die which attacked gun owners and the late Charlton Heston with penis size jokes.

Later that day, Fox News's Greg Gutfeld and his co-hosts at The Five thoroughly trashed Carrey (video follows with LexisNexis transcript and absolutely no need for additional commentary):

UPDATE AT END OF POST: Hannity and Bolling issue comment.

The Obama administration announced Tuesday that it's canceling public tours of the White House beginning this weekend due to budget sequestration.

On Thursday, Fox News hosts Eric Bolling and Sean Hannity each offered to pay for one week's worth of tours to keep the White House open to the public.

Unlike the liberal media who are engaging in a full-scale blackout of the scandal in Libya, Friday’s Fox & Friends engaged in a vigorous debate over the attack on our Embassy in Benghazi. 

Fox News Channel liberal contributor Geraldo Rivera engaged in a full-out shouting match with conservative-leaning co-hosts Steve Doocy and Eric Bolling.  During the back-and-forth, Geraldo’s main argument was thus: [See video below. MP3 audio here.]

"There is absolutely no way Barack Obama can win reelection running on his record and the news media know this," NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell told Fox News's Eric Bolling at the top of today's Your World with Neil Cavuto.

Newsweek's current edition, featuring the headline, "The Wimp Factor: Is he [Mitt Romney] just too insecure to be president?" is just the latest example of the media's attempt to distract the American public from the president's dismal economic record, the Media Research Center president told Bolling, who was substituting for Cavuto. [MP3 audio here; Video follows page break]

Plenty of need out there for conflict mediation. Geraldo Rivera engages in the opposite -- conflict fermentation.

Rivera has decided there's no better way to accomplish this than by smearing someone as racist who doesn't share his left-wing RINO politics. (audio clips after page break)

Fox’s Your World with Neil Cavuto invited on MRC director of media analysis Tim Graham on Thursday to discuss the network near-blackout on the massive group of Catholic lawsuits against the Obama administration over their narrow definition of what a “religious institution” is. Substitute host Eric Bolling showed CBS leading off with Catholic sex abuse charges again, and asked if there were lighter stories on the evening news that deserved less attention than this litigation.

“Last night, the other two networks led with the Facebook IPO that’s collapsing,” Graham said. “But they had time for – ABC had three minutes on how you swim out of a rip current. They also had time on NBC to talk about how Prince Charles is trying his hand at being a DJ. So it’s not like they don’t have the time in these newscasts to devote two minutes to a lawsuit of this magnitude.”

What's the past tense of tweet?

Sad thing is, Ed Schultz thinks he's being clever.

Schultz repeatedly mispronounced the last name of Fox News' Steve Doocy on "The Ed Show" last night, saying it as "douch-y" instead of "DO-see" through indifference to accuracy or a sense of humor stuck in his high school locker room. (video after page break)

Apparently Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog don’t take criticism well. The pair was asked at a press conference for “The Muppets” premiere in London about concerns over the movie’s attack on the oil industry and business.

The Muppets were asked how they felt when Eric Bolling from Fox News discussed their latest movie and said the Muppets were “pushing a dangerous liberal agenda and trying to brainwash children.”