Washington Post gossip Emily Heil has an obituary of sorts on the front of Friday's Style section on "How the White House Correspondents' Association lost its sense of humor." We're supposed to mourn the era when comedians would "roast" the president, and completely forget the tremendous imbalance of "roasting." In the Obama years, comedians hailed Obama and ripped into conservatives.

The Washington Post displayed its typical tilt in a snide gossip feature on Thanksgiving Day on which celebrity "turkeys" deserve a pardon, like the president pardons turkeys each year. Post "Reliable Source" gossips Emily Heil and Helena Andrews-Dyer made a very predictable list: liberals and anti-Trumpers, pardoned. Trumpers and Fox Newsers, not pardoned. They even put Melania Trump on the Not Pardoned list. 

Soopermexican at The Right Scoop reported how The Washington Post was exposed on conservative Twitter for a complete lack of professionalism. On Friday, Post "Reliable Source" gossip columnist Emily Heil made this her top item of the day. Georgetown Prep is creating a position for alumni relations to handle the damage from the Brett Kavanaugh hearings. There was just one problem. It's not a new position, and they posted a job notice in July, not "this week." Heil was told this.

The Washington Post topped its "The Reliable Source" gossip column on Tuesday with "Yes, that was former Va. governor Terry McAuliffe in a 'Homeland' cameo." They found the space for the Clintonista Democrat's bit part on a cable drama...but skipped the story a few weeks ago when his old company GreenTech filed for bankruptcy. Even though he's considering a campaign for president. 

Proving that there’s nothing too small that the media won’t attack the current administration for, Washington Post gossip columnist Emily Heil bashed the Vice President for his Valentine’s Day gift choice, in an article in today’s Post.

The Washington Post gossip columnists were hot for anti-Trump quotes at the Kennedy Center Honors on Sunday night. They even managed to characterize the president's bowing out of the awards as a "snub." He bowed out because leftist wouldn't stand in the same room with him. So who's to be tarred for a "snub"?

On Thursday, Washington Post gossip Emily Heil grew downright catty in attacking Louise Linton, the fiancee of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. "Maybe we are blinded by all the multi-carated bling, but are we reading this right? The soon-to-be wife of a humble public servant offers 1-percenter quotes that would ordinarily make a pol's PR machine wince."

One obvious sign liberal journalists are already missing Obama? Celebrating him as a comedian. Washington Post gossip Emily Heil is a big fan of his comedic stylings, as the headlines proved. The cover of the Express, the free commuter tabloid, was gushy: “HE’S A REAL STAND-UP GUY: As he prepares for his final White House correspondents dinner, Obama has already demonstrated his knack for edgy, self-aware humor.”

The Washington Post’s gossips can look like putty in the hands of the Obama administration. On Monday morning, columnist Emily Heil oozed that the Obamas have made the Easter Egg Roll “way cooler” during their tenure than the hidebound Bushies, what with “Lynn Cheney” reading her “Patriotic Primer.” There was “definitely no hip-hop.” (Read: the last administration was hopelessly white.)

Heil allowed that it became slightly hipper when the Bush White House started using Disney Channel stars like “pre-twerking” Miley Cyrus.

In June 2007, actor Isaiah Washington was fired from ABC's Grey's Anatomy months after publicly apologizing for having used the term "faggot" in a heated argument back in October 2006 in reference to another cast member. Washington had apologized in January 2007 and added, "I know a mere apology will not end this, and I intend to let my future actions prove my sincerity."

Seven years later, the gang at the Washington Post's The Reliable Source column are still resolved to keep Washington in the doghouse, even if he's slowly but surely coming off a Hollywood blacklist and performing acts of penance like starring in drama about "a young boy who struggles with his sexuality in small-town Mississippi" and in which "Washington plays the supportive father." From Helena Andrews and Emily Heil's January 16 item, "An evolution for ex 'Grey' star?" (emphases mine):

Al Kamen’s In The Loop blog on the Washington Post’s website needs to be renamed.  It’s become unhinged. Emily Heil’s July 31 post for the feature literally blamed sequestration for the Snowden fiasco.  Yes, according to Heil, because of that horrible, debilitating fiscal hatchet that Congress dealt last spring, Snowden was able to spill the beans on the NSA’s surveillance operations.

Despite the evidence that the effects of the sequester were minimal at best, Heil pressed in her post that Snowden just would’ve been a normal government contractor collecting paychecks if such a policy hadn’t been executed.  Right, because the editorial board at the Washington Post has a magic crystal ball that nobody knows about. Did I mention the main source for such a claim is none other than... Snowden’s father?!:

You could almost hear "How dare he!" being uttered by the left-wing establishment when Politico reported April 9 that a Republican congressman identified a specific number of "socialists" in the U.S. House of Representatives.

In a speech he gave at his home district, Rep. Spencer Bachus, R-Ala., the ranking Republican, Rep. Barney Frank's (D-Mass.) counterpart, on the House Banking Committee, said there were 17 socialists among him and his colleagues in the House.

Some in the media were also disturbed by Bachus' remarks and expressed dismay on MSNBC April 10. Emily Heil, a frequent guest on MSNBC and "Heard on the Hill" columnist for Roll Call, expressed her shock that Bachus would use "socialist" for a description of some members of Congress. MSNBC's Peter Alexander asked Heil what sort of backlash Bachus might face.

"Sure, well I think people are going to be pressing him on this and I think it was really a surprising thing to say - to say something that sort of inflammatory with that level of specificity, with providing an actual number," Heil said.