(EDITOR'S NOTE: Correction appended. Seth Rogen did not send the tweet mentioned below.)

Lights, action - cue the Leftists! Or, what comes around, goes around.

Seth Rogen, a Hollywood favorite as star or a supporting player in such gems as Knocked Up, The Green Hornet,The 40 Year Old Virgin and more, is having  what one might call a Martin Niemoller moment. Niemoller was the German Lutheran pastor who had the nerve to publicly oppose Hitler, being rewarded with seven years in a concentration camp. Niemoller famously wrote of the experience:

Mass murder at a sunny college campus in a beach town would normally be considered "newsy," but Elliot Rodger's massacre at the University of California-Santa Barbara last Friday is getting surprisingly little press.

This is not a good case for liberals: The killer was an immigrant, a person of color, and the majority of his casualties resulted from attacks with a car or knife. It makes as much sense to rant about the NRA as to blame the Auto Club of America or the National Knife Collectors Association.

There he goes again, fantasizing about inflicting violence. Back in March, left-wing radio host Mike Malloy went off on a characteristically unhinged rant and threatened that "I will shoot you!" to an unnamed National Rifle Association board member.

This time it's former GOP congressional candidate Joe Wurzelbacher, aka Joe the Plumber, in Malloy's sights after Wurzelbacher wrote a response to a grief-stricken man whose son was shot in the killing spree at UC Santa Barbara over the weekend. The parent blamed "craven, irresponsible politicians and the NRA" for his son's death. (Audio after the jump)

While the NRA and other gun-rights groups have kept silent in the past few days out of respect for victims of Elliot Rodger’s senseless killing spree in Santa Barbara, California, on Friday evening, the Washington Post saw fit to run a front-pager today devoted to the anti-gun crusade of Richard Martinez, the father of one of Rodger’s victims.

While Mr. Martinez is understandably distraught about the loss of his son, it is unfortunate that the paper would play off Martinez’s raw emotion and deliver readers an unbalanced story skewed heavily in favor of stronger gun restrictions. Post staffer Kimberly Kindy noted, deep in her article, that the NRA did not reply to requests for comment, but she failed to seek out other pro-gun rights voices who might like to give her readers the other side of the story.

MRC president Brent Bozell appeared on The Kelly File on the Fox News Channel on Tuesday night. The subject was Washington Post film critic Ann Hornaday’s bizarre indictment of Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen movies as leading to the stabbing-and-shooting murders at the University of California-Santa Barbara.

Bozell appeared with left-wing radio host Richard Fowler and mental health expert Donna Fuller. He couldn’t get over how incredibly lame Hornaday sounded, that frat-boys-will-be-boys movies spur mass murder (MP3 audio here. Video below):

Actor Seth Rogen and director/producer Judd Apatow are hitting back at a Washington Post film critic for strongly suggesting that the sort of movies churned out by the duo are partly to blame for Elliot Rodger's deadly killing spree on Friday. For his part, Apatow effectively blasted Ann Hornaday for, well, trolling.

Jessica Chasmar of the Washington Times has the story (emphasis mine):

Feminist Washington Post film critic Ann Hornaday was the first one to see Hollywood sexism in the stabbings and shootings of one sick young man at the University of California-Santa Barbara who killed six. Hornaday tweeted out her article: “In a shooter's videotaped diatribe, reflections of the sexism, insecurity and entitlement that plague Hollywood.”

Hornaday wrote that as Elliot Rodger bemoaned his life of “loneliness, rejection and unfulfilled desire” and “arrogantly announced that he would now prove his own status as ‘the true alpha male,’ he unwittingly expressed the toxic double helix of insecurity and entitlement that comprises Hollywood’s DNA.”