Psychologist and talk-show host Dr. Phil McGraw was the big guest on The View on Thursday, and they began by suggesting it's unfair to try and diagnose Kanye West with mental illness based on his new pro-Trump tweets. But then, that "comedian" Joy Behar asked Dr. Phil if Trump's "bromance" with French prime minister Emmanuel Macron resembled the behavior of an orangutan. So Dr. Phil diagnosed Trump from afar as engaging in a "power play," suggesting to Macron that he had a "bigger stick." 

On Thursday’s The View, host Joy Behar begged guest Dr. Phil to diagnose President Donald Trump with a mental disorder. As soon as he appeared at the table, Behar’s first question was if Trump had narcissism and if that made him “fit" to be President.

In an emotional six page narrative, Oprah’s magazine “comes out” in favor of lesbianism.Oprah

Barack Obama. Eckhart Tolle. Dr. Phil. With the Midas touch, Oprah Winfrey turned these men to gold. Her recommendations have rocketed a variety of books – from centuries-old literary classics to New Age drivel – onto the bestseller lists. Now, in the latest issue of “O” magazine, she’s trying her hand at mainstreaming lesbianism.

The issue of homosexuality and the homosexual lifestyle is still a subject fraught with controversy and strong opinions on both sides. But with help from a lengthy, one-sided narrative about the wonderful world of lesbian love, the unparalleled power of Oprah Winfrey will surely bring the debate to a satisfactory conclusion.

“Why Women are Leaving Men for Other Women,” by Mary A Fischer in the April issue of “O” unambiguously promotes an attractive lesbian lifestyle. Fischer glowingly profiled three gay couples, along with glamorous television stars, and cited research to back up her claim that many women are leaving men for lesbian lovers. She posited that the lesbian lifestyle is good for women’s sexual and emotional health, children, and families. Without a single dissenting voice, the article is nothing short of lesbian propaganda.

Conservative author Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity's former liberal co-host Alan Colmes were Dr. Phil's guests Thursday, and an astounding thing happened: the crowd seemed to like Coulter more than Colmes.

I kid you not.

The topics up for discussion were Barack Obama, the presidential campaign, and the media, and whenever Coulter said anything, the crowd applauded loudly.

Maybe even more delicious when Dr. Phil introduced former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan the audience booed (video embedded below the fold courtesy our dear friend MsUnderestimated, file photo):