The panel on The D.L. Hughley Show Monday weighed in on the impeachment push and the whistle-blower scandal that triggered it, making sure to trash President Trump and his supporters throughout their discussion. Throughout the rancor-filled opening segment, host D.L. Hughley referred to President Trump as “the most unexceptional man in history” and trashed Congressman Devin Nunes as an “ignorant a**-kisser.”

A new week means new outrageous commentary on The D.L. Hughley Show. This time, Hughley and his panel defended the description of President Trump as “mentally retarded” by an audience member at one of Kamala Harris’s campaign events. Hughley asserted “the reason that they call Donald Trump’s actions retarded is because they are.”

The D.L. Hughley Show was the place to be on Tuesday night for anyone desiring angry, liberal hate from a supposed comedian.The commentary went completely off the rails when the host admitted it’s “hard” for him to have sympathy for victims in pro-gun Texas. The commentary went completely off the rails when the host admitted: “It’s hard to feel sorry for people that are complicit in what’s happening.”

During the D.L. Hughley Show on TV One on Tuesday night, the eponymous host and his panel discussed the “D.L. Question of the Day” on social media asking “could you be friends with a staunch Trump supporter?” After Hughley answered “hell no,” the conversation quickly turned into a tirade against Trump supporters; whom Hughley trashed as “morally vacant,” “self-centered,” and worse humans than devil-worshippers.

“anti-Semitic,” “vacant,” “self-centered,” and subhuman.

Former CNN host and comedian D.L. Hughley was triggered by Tiger Woods accepting the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Donald Trump. On his TV One talk show, Hughley was outraged that the 2019 Masters Tournament winner would take the time “to normalize a monster.”

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, neurosurgeon and current HUD director Ben Carson
and former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain all worked hard to reach the pinnacles of their chosen professions. But their career accomplishments mean nothing in the eyes of comedian D.L. Hughley who belittled them for committing the unforgivable sin (in his eyes) of being liked by Republicans.

On Tuesday's New Day, the CNN studio was acting as a glass house while stones were being thrown as comedian D.L. was welcomed onto the show to share his views on President Donald Trump making a crack about Pocahontas and Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren during a ceremony honoring Native-American veterans. After Hughley had spent most of the segment complaining that too many Americans have been tolerating racism from Trump -- even claiming that most Presidents have been "racist" so Trump is both "racist" and "retro" --  Hughley ended up making a joke about blacks and Mexicans only spending time together in prison riots, inspiring host Chris Cuomo to laugh.

Appearing as a guest on Tuesday's New Day on CNN to defend NFL player Colin Kaepernick's refusal to stand for the National Anthem, comedian and former CNN host D.L. Hughley griped about veterans and white athletes who have criticized Kaepernick but have not condemned "brutality" against black Americans, and charged that their "protest" is a protest "in agreement of" violence. Hughley: "When will a white NFL player say something about police brutality? Ever? We've stood with veterans. When will they say something about police brutality? They won't. These things exist because America is silent, much like Kaepernick's protest. His protest is to protest violence; theirs is in agreement of it."


Comedian D.L. Hughley channeled singer Kanye West Wednesday to take a cheap shot at Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

Appearing on MSNBC’s The Last Word, Hughley said of the former Massachusetts governor, “I’m not saying that he’s a gold digger, but he definitely ain’t messing with no broke - you know how it goes” (video follows with transcript and commentary):

The recent manufactured controversy over Chick-fil-A has allowed media figures on the left to combine two of their favorite pastimes: serving as self-appointed food police and attacking supporters of traditional marriage.

Television commentators and print writers have taken the recent furor over Chick-fil-A’s corporate stance on gay marriage to complain about the unhealthy quality of Chick-fil-A’s food.

Catching up with Friday night's Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO, guest D.L. Hughley -- the actor/comedian who until recently had a show on CNN -- insisted “you never saw drugs or drive-byes or homeless people” in inner-cities before Reagan “cut” social programs and became “the Moses of...greedy white men.” Left-wing blogger Jeremy Scahill predicted “some guys” will pull down the new Capitol rotunda Reagan statue “and drag it through the street like the Saddam statue with some kid hitting it with a shoe.”

Pegged to the placement of the new statute of Ronald Reagan, Hughley declared: “I didn't love Ronald Reagan.” Maher echoed “I didn't either,” and then Hughley launched a rant with distortions of quotes from Ronald Reagan, as he recalled:
I grew up in Los Angeles inner city -- you never saw drugs or drive-byes or homeless people or anything like that. All the social programs that were cut as a result of Reagan coming into office and greed just became a hobby....I remember watching...him say people in America who are homeless are homeless because they want to be. That seemed to be one of the most-- and I was a kid -- I knew how cruel that was and I would never, you know, ascribe any level of greatness to somebody who would say, you know, if somebody's hungry in America it's because they're on a diet. Like that, to me, made greedy white men feel good about being greedy white men. He was the kind of the Moses of leading them to feeling good about being greedy white men. So to me he wasn't a great man.

New York Times "visual op-ed" columnist Charles Blow remains giddy over Republican failures in his latest column, "Three Blind Mice." Blow's mice (aka "the axis of drivel") are Republican governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, RNC chairman Michael Steele, and talk show giant Rush Limbaugh (the latter of whom controls "Limbaugh-tomized minions of the far, far right").

All these insults are packed into one puny-sized column in Saturday's edition, accompanied by a graph (that would be the "visual" part) demonstrating beyond a shadow of a doubt that among citizens at large, the newly elected President of the United States is more popular than a conservative talk show host. This apparently proves something or other.

...the Republicans have dissolved into a querulous lot of nags and naysayers without a voice, a direction or a clue, and we are not amused.

And who has surfaced as their saviors? Bobby Jindal, Michael Steele and Rush Limbaugh -- the axis of drivel.