The Left hasn’t got tired of the “War on Women” theme from the 2012 election cycle, just yet. In a May 15 episode of “AcronymTv” a left-wing internet broadcast part of The Young Turks Network, entitled, “The Catholic War on Women” and featured on The Huffington Post, show host Dennis Trainor Jr. brought on two radical feminists to discuss how to “take back the morality of abortion from the right-wing.”

Trainor asked guests Katie Klabusich and Kelly Carlin, “When do we get to a place where women cannot apologize for this [having an abortion], and be proud of this, be proud of the choice that they make?” Klabusich responded, “I think we have to retake the morality of the issue, back from the right-wing.” The feminist activists went on to bash the pro-life movement’s efforts to restrict abortions. “The abortion rate doesn’t go down when you make it illegal, women just die … “I don’t apologize when I say it, It [abortion] should be apart of basic healthcare,” Klabusich asserted. “We have to take back the morality of the issue, the idea that it isn’t just about my controlling my body but it’s really just about my fundamental right to life, and the same options as everyone around me.”