Here's something you don't see every day: a film spoofing revered Hollywood liberals such as schlockumentarian Michael Moore.

Yet, that's exactly what David Zucker, the film director that has brought America such comedy classics as "Kentucky Fried Movie," "Airplane," and "The Naked Gun," will be offering viewers soon with a movie entitled "An American Carol" (trailer embedded right).

On Monday, The Weekly Standard previewed the film and its director:

Conservatives in Hollywood emergeHollywood conservative? As oxymoronic as that may sound, there are a few out there, the one endangered species that the left is not interested in protecting.

In an excellent article for the Weekly Standard, Stephen Hayes takes a look at a small band of conservatives and libertarians in Tinseltown. No longer content to stay quiet, they've created an underground group called "Friends of Abe," a reference to "Friend of Dorothy," a codeword formerly used when homosexuality was taboo in Hollywood with the intent to parallel the intolerance that is currently exacted on Republicans in the entertainment industy.

I've had the pleasure of attending a few such gatherings thanks to "NewsBusted" creator Bruce Roundtower and can verify that some of Hollywood's biggest names are involved.