In September 1987, Joe Biden quit the race for the 1988 Democratic presidential nomination, in large part because he’d been caught plagiarizing a speech by British politician Neil Kinnock. A Tuesday Daily Kos post seemed to suggest that Biden should have dropped out back then even if it’d been his wife, Jill, exposed as a high-profile plagiarist…or maybe David Nir has a different standard for Republicans. “Melania Trump’s stunning plagiarism at the Republican National Convention should by all rights be fatal to her husband’s campaign for president, not merely because she plagiarized but because of who she plagiarized from,” declared Nir, who noted that Melania “stole from none other than Michelle Obama, whose family has been the target of the right’s most bitter hatred and ridicule for a decade now.”

For conservatives who aren’t enamored of liberal comedian Stephen Colbert’s “look, I’m an idiot conservative!” routine, it’s not amusing that Democratic pollster Tom Jensen went into South Carolina and found that Colbert was the “people’s choice” to replace resigning Sen. Jim DeMint.

But David Nir at the Daily Kos thinks that’s just perfect, since Colbert the Idiot is “overqualified” in a Republican caucus full of morons: