Near the end of his Fox Business Network (FBN) show on Wednesday night, host Lou Dobbs played and discussed with his panel video released on Tuesday that featured MRCTV’s Dan Joseph asking MSNBC’s Chris Matthews if he still has “the thrill” up his leg all these years later about President Barack Obama. Of course, as many readers now know, Matthews fired back by ignoring Joseph’s question and repeatedly telling him to “go to hell” and “leave me alone.”

Insisting that he's really been out of the domestic news loop, ABC News Supreme Court correspondent Terry Moran told Dan Joseph of NewsBusters sister site this morning that he was in northern Iraq the past few weeks and wasn't really aware of his network's recent decisions to ignore stunning new developments in the IRS and VA scandals. What's more, he suggested, if folks really care about news regarding the IRS scandal, well, there are other places to go besides ABC.

"You know, the news judgment of every network and of every person is different," Moran offered. "I understand that for some people, that's a hugely crucial issue, and there are places that they can get that," he added. The former Nightline host then tried to establish distance from the network's story selection process before insisting he was out of pocket anyway because he was overseas. [watch the full exchange below the page break]

NBC justice correspondent Pete Williams this morning refused to answer queries from Dan Joseph of our sister site regarding the peacock network's lack of coverage of the ever-deepening IRS scandal, including Lois Lerner's missing emails. "I cover the Supreme Court. You're asking the wrong guy," Williams protested, insisting that while he "[has] a lot of power at NBC... deciding how much coverage" goes to stories not on Williams's beat "is not one of them." "I respect your question, but you're asking the wrong guy," he reiterated. 

The Supreme Court, however, is just one part of Williams's beat. He also covers the U.S. Justice Department, which has thus far failed to start proceedings to prosecute Lois Lerner for contempt of Congress and whose department head, Attorney General Eric Holder, is resisting calls for a special prosecutor in the IRS scandal. To watch the full exchange, click play on the embed below the page break.

American University in Washington, D.C., is hardly a bastion of conservatism or of partisan opposition to President Obama.

But even there, MRCTV's Dan Joseph found, most female students were offended by the now infamous Colorado ad depicting a young woman expressing her wish that her hunky date is as easy as procuring birth control was thanks to ObamaCare. Watch the video in the embed below:

Thursday night, both Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity showed and commented on a new video done by the Media Research Center that showed a disturbing trend among some college students at George Mason University. In the video, MRCTV reporter Dan Joseph posed as a liberal hater of Fox News to try to get students to sign a petition urging the Obama administration to spy on Fox News employees and their families’ phone and email records. [Listen to the audio here or watch the video after the jump]

This, of course, was done in the wake of the revelation that the Justice Department seized the phone and email records of Fox News correspondent James Rosen, and the phone records of the Associated Press.

So our good friend Dan Joseph of our sister site stopped by a pro-gun control demonstration in Washington, D.C., yesterday. As you might expect, he found some pretty dopey people spouting pretty dopey platitudes. The money shot, however, is at the tail end, where a helmet-haired bozo -- who earlier stepped on threatened to step on Joseph's foot cast, by the way -- admits that if you ban semiautomatic handguns that criminals will still get them, in which case, if you're a crime victim, "you're f***ed."

Rush Limbaugh is probably not shaking in his boots about the latest National Organization for Women “Enough Rush” campaign. MRC-TV correspondent Dan Joseph found seven women outside WMAL radio begging “Get him off the air!”

Joseph made trouble with the tiny group by asking if they’re protesting Limbaugh calling Sandra Fluke a “slut,” will they also be calling for an end to the Ed Schultz show after he called Laura Ingraham a “slut.” They refused to compare the two: