In just a matter of days, presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney will announce his choice for his 2012 running mate. No matter who Romney picks, however, the liberal media's line of attack is already clear. The Media Research Center reviewed news coverage of several potential picks, and found many have already been caricatured as too far right or outside the mainstream.

NBC Tonight Show host Jay Leno took what some might call a cheap shot at presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and Condoleezza Rice Friday.

After he mentioned the rumor about the former Secretary of State being considered for vice presidential nominee, a mock ad for "Rice and Romney: The New American Treat" was aired which included the lyric, "She’s the perfect choice because of the fact she’s a woman and she’s black" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

A few days ago, conservative author Ann Coulter summed up the left's reaction to the death of Andrew Breitbart with this statement:  "Even in death he shows liberals in their true colors".  With that, those true colors, the same rage and venom being spewed in Breitbart's direction, continues.

Last week, we saw Rolling Stone publish a piece in which author Matt Taibbi lamented how happy he was for Breitbart to be gone.  We saw Slate columnist, Matt Yglesias, proclaim that "the world outlook is slightly improved" with Breitbart dead.  And then there was former editor of the New York Press, and Taibbi cohort, Jeff Koyen, mock writers defending Breitbart as "hitching yourself to a corpse".

Continuing in that same vein of sub-standard decency is liberal radio host, John "Sly" Sylvester of WTDY in Madison, Wisconsin.  Sylvester recently aired a 20-minute segment on his radio show which was posted as a Podcast entitled, "Andrew Breitbart:  Dead (thankfully)".

The liberal media are predictably gushing over Colin Powell's supposed rebuke of Dick Cheney on Sunday's "Face the Nation."

Bucking the trend was Joe Scarborough Monday who on the MSNBC program bearing his name said Powell going on "Face the Nation" to defend himself proved Cheney right about heads exploding over his new book (video follows with transcript and commentary):

WaxmanIt seems that some in Congress are so upset that our troops and their president have achieved what looks like victory in Iraq to seasoned, on-the-ground observers like Michael Yon that they feel compelled to get in their final digs to somehow discredit the war's legitimacy.

One such congressman is Democrat Henry Waxman of California (image originally found at the Washington Post), whose Committee on Oversight and Government Reform decided to re-hash the famous "sixteen words" President Bush used in his January 2003 State of the Union Speech ("The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa").

The conclusion of Waxman's 10-page Memorandum (a PDF at this link) begins by saying:

How insulated is the MSM? In how much of a liberal cocoon does it exist? For an answer, consider the vile cartoon displayed here.  My guess is that the great majority of NewsBusters readers are familiar with it.  But John Harwood—of the New York Times and CNBC—has never seen it.

That became clear on today's Morning Joe. The topic was the TV comedy world's double-standard, in which Republicans are regularly skewered but the laff factory suddenly shuts down when it comes to mocking Barack.  A New York Times article on the matter was the jumping off point, and Joe Scarborough had a field day ridiculing lefty comedians' hypocrisy in piously claiming to "speak truth to power."  The truth, said Scarborough, is that the comedians lay off Obama not because there's nothing funny about him, but because they're "in the tank" for the Dem candidate.

Towards the end of the segment came this stunning exchange:

View video here.