She’s only 26, so I suspect it will be years before “The Wit and Wisdom of Miley Cyrus” is compiled and published. You, dear reader, shouldn’t have to wait that long to learn the young sage’s thoughts on marriage. Specifically, her own marriage, and Hillary Clinton’s, er, place in it.

Well, she doesn’t have much else to do these days. CBS has announced that Hillary “What Happened” Clinton will be playing herself on Madam Secretary, the show she inspired. Madam Secretary stars Téa Leoni as a woman Secretary of State. She’s super-smart, competent, empathetic and oozing with girl power.

If you watched the Grammys Sunday night, you’re apparently in very select company. Viewership of the three and a half-hour trashcast was off 24% and scored all-time low ratings in its target demographic. And small wonder. All entertainment awards shows are awful, but few are as vulgar and insulting, and none have less to actually celebrate.

“Hillary Clinton” is synonymous with “women’s rights,” according to the broadcast networks. During their national news shows, ABC, CBS and NBC have repeatedly brought up “women’s rights” while reporting on Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton since she announced her presidential bid. In that same time frame, the networks mostly ignored the tens of millions of dollars in donations the Clinton Foundation accepted from countries that violate women’s rights.

With all eyes on the Democratic National Convention, the liberal media’s affection for Hillary Clinton has been laughably obvious. That extended to media websites. ‘Moneywatch’ published, “What a Hillary clinton economy might look like” article on July 26. It was written by economist Mark Thoma who said what he thinks she “gets right” and “wrong” on economic policy. Of course, it was predictably liberal, calling for massive increases in government spending.

They call it a comeback.

It is true, the U.S. economy is no longer in the depths of what has been called “The Great Recession.” But, in many ways the economy remains “weak.” Overall economic growth remains “subpar” and labor force participation rates remain shocking, not far from 38-year lows.

Then of course there’s poverty, food stamp use, weak wage growth and household income struggles. The average household is still making thousands of dollars less than they were before the recession. Those indicators tell another side to the story, one the broadcast networks haven’t said much about.

Huffington Post Business seized the opportunity to bash companies in an article about Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and diversity. Huffington Post Executive Editor for Business and Technology Emily Peck’s May 24 story focused on Clinton’s decision to appoint Bernard Coleman as her “chief diversity officer” last year. But rather than simply praise Clinton, Peck leapt at the opportunity to accuse corporate America of being both racist and sexist.

Normally, products carry the description of “Made in (insert country),” so that you’ll know and be better able to trace the lineage and origin of that particular product. However, if Hillary Clinton is the product being signed, sealed, and delivered for you in January of 2017, the “Made In” label attached to her will most likely read “Made in Hollywood.”

The Clinton Foundation scandal continues to spread ever since the news broke that it did not disclose millions of dollars of donations from foreign governments and businessmen.

It’s already infected ABC, as anchor George Stephanopoulos was forced to apologize for personal undisclosed donations to the foundation. He has yet to acknowledge or apologize for some of the other connections that have surfaced.

Ever since former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani stated on Thursday that “I do not believe that the president loves America,” the people in the “mainstream media” have produced more than 8,000 articles on the comment -- which was made at a private Manhattan dinner for 60 or so political donors -- in just a few days.

That led Sean Spicer, communications director for the Republican National Committee, to release a statement on Tuesday in which he noted: “Coverage has been fueled by reporters grasping for new angles or asking any Republican in range of a microphone to respond to his comments and other unrelated questions.”

While reporting on Rudy Giuliani’s hospitalization on the campaign trail in Missouri on Thursday’s CBS "Early Show," co-host Harry Smith also used the opportunity to discuss Giuliani’s struggling campaign: "We are closely following the news that Rudy Giuliani has been hospitalized overnight in St. Louis where he's undergoing tests. This at a time when his Republican lead has been challenged and he is slipping quickly in the polls." So Smith is not sure if Giuliani’s health is okay, but he knows the New York Mayor’s campaign is going under. Not much of a get well message.

After a report on Giuliani’s hospital visit by a local CBS News station in St. Louis, Smith moved on to the campaign:

This health scare only adds to Rudy Giuliani's troubles on the campaign trail. He has struggled with persistent questions about his personal life and one national poll shows that he has dropped 13 points. Mike Allen from joins us from Washington.

Smith then decided to make a joke of Giuliani’s health problem and asked Allen’s diagnosis:

SMITH: You might not be feeling too well, either, had you been looking at Huckabee's rise and Giuliani's drop. Can that be part of -- part of what's going on here?