Climate Depot’s Marc Morano, dubbed a “climate killer” by Rolling Stone, is upsetting eco-extremists again. Morano has a new book that has quickly climbed the bestseller list on Amazon. Currently, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change is first place in four categories: Climatology, Earth Sciences, Environmental Science & Nature, and Ecology.

The left's determination to stretch the limits of acceptable activism now includes condoning property destruction and unauthorized disruption of energy delivery systems. On a weekend when the national press is almost exclusively obsessed with matters involving sexual assault and harassment (obviously important) and the legitimacy of Sarah Sanders' Thanksgiving pecan pie (obviously not), it's fair to wonder why the national press has mostly failed to report that this irresponsible and fundamentally lawless perspective appears to be making some headway in the courts.

The Magic School Bus is back in the new Netflix series The Magic School Bus Rides Again! Overall, it's still a nice, fun 13-episode series like we remember from when we were kids, but with some left turns. There is a pretty predictable take on climate change propaganda for little kids, but that wasn't the worst. That dubious honor goes to the episode that teaches kids that a monster will eat them if they don't use alternative clean energy sources.

The number of Americans who see a connection between manmade climate change and hurricanes grew dramatically in the past 12 years. Given Al Gore, climate alarmists and the liberal media’s persistent climate alarmism throughout that time, it’s no wonder.

Even with Texans still recovering from Hurricane Harvey and Florida residents fearing the worse ahead of Hurricane Irma, journalists seized the moment to promote climate change alarmism. New York Times, ProPublica and Newsweek journalists have been calling for Harvey, which made landfall in Texas on Aug. 25, and Irma, currently predicted to reach Florida by Sept. 9, to be blamed on or linked to manmade climate change.

Meteorologists and climatologists on Twitter criticized Newsweek Senior Writer Kurt Eichenwald after he claimed a “climate change equation” helped him make a prediction about Hurricane Irma. Eichenwald is also an MSNBC and Vanity Fair contributor and a New York Times best-selling author.

In the middle of one of the biggest natural disasters in the history of the United States, MSNBC’s questionable anchor Katy Tur couldn’t help but push the climate change agenda. Tur was interviewing Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards (D) on Tuesday when she made multiple dubious claims about climate science designed to stoke the fears of viewers.Tur’s first assertion was that we should probably do away with the term “hurricane season.”

Climate alarmist Al Gore’s second film, An Inconvenient Sequel, failed to heat up the box-office, falling from 16th to 18th over the Aug. 11-13 weekend. It’s a dramatic fall from glory for the climate alarmist whose first film, An Inconvenient Truth, won several awards including an Oscar and grossed $24 million.

The highlight of CNN’s primetime lineup Tuesday was their Climate Change Crisis town hall where they teamed up with former Vice President and climate alarmist Al Gore to push his propaganda. “Consensus in the scientific community is clear. Sea levels are rising. The oceans are warming,” moderator Anderson Cooper declared as he started the program. The event became even more ridiculous when Gore equated getting people to believe him was like the Civil Rights movement, in that “it's just really a question of right and wrong.”

Many climate change alarmists were in full panic mode on Wednesday after scientists announced that a truly massive sheet of ice weighing 1 trillion tons and the size of Delaware had finally broken off of the continent. The fear continued during the evening broadcasts of the Big Three Networks as ABC and NBC were more than happy to contribute to the hysteria. "At the bottom of the world tonight a massive fracture on the continent of Antarctica has caused one of the biggest icebergs on record to break away into the ocean. It's so big it could fill Lake Erie twice over,” hyped Anchor Lester Holt during NBC Nightly News.

Hulu’s Casual has turned into one big public service announcement about climate change. Last week’s episode had a 9-year-old boy announce that “Global Warming’s gonna get us,” and Tuesday’s episode, “Fresno,” called for a permanent moratorium on oil drilling for the sake of “community health.” Laura (Tara Lynne Barr) and her liberal boss, Casey (Nadine Nicole), attend a city council meeting to demand a city ban on oil drilling, following in the footsteps of Beverly Hills.

The writers of Hulu’s Casual are determined to stick in liberal propaganda wherever they see fit, as shown by Tuesday’s episode, “Troubleshooting.” While Valerie Meyers (Michaela Watkins) gets drinks with an old friend, the girlfriend of a man Valerie slept with confronts her at the bar, chastising Valerie for breaking “girl code.” Valerie responds, “Girl code? Really? Did you see who we elected as president?” Apparently Donald Trump’s election means it’s okay to cheat. Too bad Hillary Clinton didn’t win, or else Valerie could be off the hook completely