Former George W. Bush press secretary Dana Perino is becoming quite a star at Fox.

After Juan Williams made a bizarre claim on Fox News Sunday that conservatives "live in a very small bubble including a media bubble," Perino fired back, "Juan, Democrats and the liberals live in the biggest mainstream media bubble ever created in the history of the universe" (video follows with transcript and absolutely no need for additional commentary):

As liberal media members step over themselves to defame the GOP for not walking in lockstep with one another much as Democrats do, they seem to be ignoring a tremendously inconvenient truth.

Appearing on his first Fox News Sunday since leaving ABC, George Will made a brilliant observation about the party on the right that so-called journalists should heed, namely "Republicans now have what liberals are supposed to admire, which is diversity" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

If there's one thing Chris Wallace at Fox News does well that most others in the press don't — at least when interviewing Democrats and liberals — it's his refusal to let a question go until his interviewee either answers it or makes it obvious to viewers that he or she won't answer.

Such an incident took place today with White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough on Fox News Sunday (video is here). The question, which I strongly doubt was even broached on any of the left-leaning Sunday talk shows today, concerned why the Obama administration hasn't been able to apprehend the September 11, 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack ringleader (bolds are mine):

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer had some harsh words for the White House Thursday.

Commenting on Fox News’s Special Report about the British government’s decision to not take part in a military action against Syria, Krauthammer said, “It is a complete humiliation for the Obama administration.”

Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh began his Thursday afternoon program by addressing the possibility that he and such other well-known conservatives as Sean Hannity and Mark Levin might moderate debates of Republican primary candidates during the 2016 election cycle as a departure from the previously biased questioning at such events by obviously liberal journalists.

“I don’t see how I can do it,” he stated. “I’m too famous,” and he added that his presence would “overshadow” the event, though Limbaugh admitted that deciding whether to take part in a radio debate “would be a real, real, real tough call” since “it could get ratings.”

Senator John McCain made an interesting observation Sunday about National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden.

Appearing on Fox News Sunday, McCain said, “There's a young generation that believe that he is some kind of Jason Bourne.”

Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew, who oversees the IRS, made the rounds of four Sunday morning TV talk shows (all but CBS’s Face the Nation) to promote President Obama’s latest “pivot” to the economy, but ABC’s George Stephanopoulos and CNN’s Candy Crowley failed to take advantage of the opportunity to press him on the IRS scandal.

NBC’s David Gregory squeezed a question in at the very end of their session, but then didn’t follow up on Lew’s insistence “there’s no evidence of any political involvement.” Gregory: “Mr. Secretary, I’ll leave it there. Thank you as always.”

Former United States Senator and Republican presidential nominee Bob Dole had some harsh words for the current White House resident Sunday.

During an interview on Fox News Sunday, when host Chris Wallace asked him what he thought of Barack Obama, Dole replied, “Great golfer.”

While discussing the ongoing manhunt for the second suspect behind the bombing of the Boston Marathon, Chris Wallace -- the host of Fox News Sunday -- linked the Monday terrorist attack with the debate on gun rights currently going on across the country.

Pointing to the fact that most of the region is in a tight lockdown due to the search for 26-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Wallace asked how many people in the area “do you think, might like a gun to be able to protect themselves and defend their homes?”

The gun-hating media are convinced that background checks are the panacea that will prevent mass shootings in the future.

Don't include Chris Wallace amongst them for on the most recent installment of Fox News Sunday, the host told gun control activist Mark Kelly that a background check didn't prevent Jared Loughner from purchasing the weapon he shot Kelly's wife Gabrielle Giffords with in January 2011 (video follows with transcript and commentary):

On Thursday, The Washington Post's Metro section put the Democrats' choice of “news” on the front page. “Democrats keep focus on abortion in Va. Race.” Post reporter Laura Vozzella relayed their outrage that GOP gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli was caught by a Democrat tracker describing abortion as a moral evil like slavery, as did one of his big financial backers, the Susan B. Anthony List. 

On Friday, after the Washington Free Beacon reported that Cuccinelli's Democrat opponent Terry McAuliffe kept silent in 2008 as his candidate Hillary Clinton compared slavery to – get this – stripping Democrat convention delegates of their vote in two states, the Post put that Laura Vozzella story on B3. The Free Beacon headline was “McAuliffe Supported Slavery Comparisons Before He Opposed Them.”


It didn't take long for liberal members of the press to spew venom at Ann Romney after she stated during an interview on last weekend's edition of “Fox News Sunday” that she's “happy to blame the media” as one of the reasons her husband, GOP former Mass. Governor Mitt Romney, lost the 2012 presidential election.

The fast and furious insults have ranged from a declaration by Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post that she “is suffering a serious case of sour grapes” and “needs to move on” to a sarcastic Tweet about her from David Bernstein of the Boston Phoenix as “still blaming media” even though he “lost count of stories she and Mitt refused to participate in.”