Argentine-born Communist revolutionary and guerilla leader Che Guevara murdered and imprisoned thousands, supervised firing squads during revolutionary tribunals, founded forced labor camps, and dissolved free press in Cuba. Bizarrely, none of that made it into Tony Perrottet’s shallow, symbolic travelogue of Revolutionary Cuba that appears in the Smithsonian, the official journal of the federal-funded Smithsonian Institution. The writer palled around with Che’s son, bopping around the island to various shrines to the mass killer (and lousy father to boot).

In the wake of pro-assisted-suicide films like Me Before You and the media’s applauding of Brittany Maynard’s choice to die, Lifetime’s new euthanasia drama, Mary Kills People, is the latest show to champion the cause of assisted suicide. The first episode, reasonably titled “Bloody Mary,” premiered Sunday night and began with Mary Harris (Caroline Dhavernas) and partner Des (Richard Short) giving a man his life-taking drug in a glass of champagne. When the man hesitates, Mary calms him down by comparing the fear of death to the fear of flying in an airplane. .

On Thursday the New York Times ran a worshipful obituary for Michael Ratner, former president of the Center for Constitutional Rights, a hard-left outfit founded by radical lawyer William Kunstler. The obituary by Sam Roberts appeared under an adulatory headline, “Michael Ratner, Bold Civil Liberties Lawyer, Dies at 72.”

Left out of Roberts’ report? Ratner's solidary with Cuba's Communist dictator Fidel Castro, his adulatory book on murderous Communist thug Che Guevara, and this gem from December 2005 during the Bush administration’s war in Iraq: "The Bush administration has moved us from a government responsible and accountable to the people to one that dictates to the people. Every American should be in political rebellion against the criminals now running this country."

Can't get enough of a brutal dictator responsible for substantial human rights atrocities including millions of deaths, all in the name of a failed ideology? iTunes has just the thing for you.

Developer Eigthart, Ltd. presents the iStalin: FREE Communist Posters for the People iPhone/iPad application. The developer's Web site describes the app as a means to "spread the communist glory." (h/t @SetonMotley)

"Good news, comrades! Finally, after years of struggle the Industrialization of the Soviet Union paid off. From the creators of the Communist Manifesto, the October Revolution and the Perestroika comes the best Soviet Union product since Kalashnikov - iStalin! Finally the people will have the privilege to create Soviet posters themselves and spread the communist glory!"

The only thing more shallow than the "Che" box office receipts which are currently stuck at less than a measly million are the reasons given by the star of that movie, Benicio del Toro, for admiring the character he portrays. One can only shake his head in sadness at the pathetically shallow nature of del Toro's admiration while reading this American Thinker article written by the author of Exposing the Real Che Guevara, Humberto Fontova:

"Del Toro was fascinated with Che Guevara from the first time he heard his name mentioned in the Rolling Stones song Indian Girl," reads the introduction to an interview with Benicio del Toro last month in Britain's Guardian. "Of course he found himself fascinated by Ernesto Che Guevara - he loved the Stones, and Emotional Rescue was the first album he'd bought. "I hear of this guy and he's got a cool name. Che Guevara!" Del Toro as good as swoons when he says it. Groovy name, groovy man, groovy politics! | Media Research Center
One-Time NPR Commentator Mumia Abu-Jamal
The Chicago Tribune caught up with William Ayers at his university office yesterday. While Ayers refused to comment for the reporters he told them from his door, "What could I possibly add? Life happens."

The Tribune notes that the door or William Ayers is decorated with pictures of celebrated cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal and murderous Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara. These pictures alone contradict the narrative that William Ayers is somehow a repentant former radical: - Media Research Center
Before ...
Those of us on the Right side of things have a profound disdain for what has become known as Che Chic -- the rampant popularity amongst the ignorant and idiotic portions of society (ours and elsewhere on the globe) of the recently retired Fidel Castro's designated Revolutionary hit man, Che Guevara.

Shirts, hats, and flags bearing the likeness of the Central and South American Communist assassin have adorned the bodies, heads and campaign offices of some of the world's finest mindless.

So it was with joyous exhuberence that I came upon the current issue of Mad Magazine whilst strolling through the grocer's this afternoon.

For the cover art alone (below), it was indeed an absolute must purchase.