Left-wing bias; it’s not just for the news pages. The New York Times Weekend Arts roundup demonstrates how it saturates the paper, even -- perhaps especially -- in the paper’s Manhattan-centric cultural coverage, with rants about racist voter suppression in 2016 and how high-end art buyers "control the inequitable economy in America today."

The New York Times gave another warm, huggy article to gay author Colm Toibin’s vicious anti-Christian “Testament of Mary” in the Sunday Book Review. They’ve praised it as a book, they’ve praised it as a play. On Sunday, they praised it as an audio book, with the bizarre claim of a Christ-denying Mary voiced by ...Meryl Streep.

Times theatre critic Charles Isherwood gave the rave for Streep, "practically a religious icon herself — or an aesthetic one, anyway. She’s virtually been sanctified as the Greatest Film Actress of her generation...Doesn’t it seem inevitable that Meryl Streep would one day play the mother of Christ?" Except Toibin's Mary denies that Jesus is the Christ. That's the part the anti-Christian newspapers really enjoy.

Times Watch has shown how deeply the Occupy Wall Street movement has embedded itself into the liberal psyche of New York Times reporters, who can’t help clogging their stories with flattering references to the lefty sit-in. The protesters may be dispersed, but the dream lives on in Times stories on such seemingly unlikely subjects as a revival of an Arthur Miller play and the sinking of the Titanic (marking the second Titanic anniversary story from the Times containing a “99%” percent reference).

New York Times theatre critic Charles Isherwood wedged in some praise for the Occupy Wall Street movement in a story on the revival of the Arthur Miller play “Death of a Salesman” in Sunday Arts & Leisure section, “‘Salesman’ Comes Calling, Right on Time.” Isherwood thinks it comes at just the right moment, a corrective to the “ethos of the banker-gods and C.E.O.’s set the overriding cultural tone for much of the last 30 years.” (He’s talking about the Reagan era.)