Remember "Clock Boy?" He is Ahmed Mohamed, the 14 year old student in Texas who brought a clock he supposedly made to school and was arrested in September 2015 because it was believed it could have been a bomb. He briefly became a celebrity hailed by liberals. However, it was soon discovered that he didn't invent anything since he merely opened up a clock radio and placed its guts into his pencil case as revealed by Bill Maher.

If you weren’t paying attention in the past month, you might actually believe that Russian spies infiltrated our voting booths to help Donald Trump win the presidential election. Well, at least that’s the perception the big three news networks are trying to create by repeatedly insisting that Russia “hacked the election.”

During this year's presidential campaign, most of the airtime has been focused on Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, but Green Party representative Jill Stein has found an unusual way to get some publicity: vandalizing construction equipment for an energy pipeline.

According to an article posted by CBS and the Associated Press on Wednesday, Morton County in North Dakota has issued a warrant for the arrest of Stein, who is accused of misdemeanor counts of criminal trespass and criminal mischief after spray-painting construction equipment during a protest against the Dakota Access pipeline.

Since the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling in 2010, the broadcast networks have been whining about corporate influence in politics — but not right now.

The media often attack the conservative Koch brothers for “trying to influence the political process.” They similarly complained that the Supreme Court was “opening the floodgates for big money” when the Citizens United ruling allowed businesses to make unlimited political donations.

Imagine if the Koch brothers supported disruptive protests that shut down a Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders rally, The broadcast news networks would be tripping over each other to tell the story.

But because it was Soros-funded groups undermining free speech and silencing a Trump rally, the morning and evening news on ABC, NBC, and CBS haven’t even hinted at that part of the story from the canceled rally on Friday, March 11, 2016 through March 14, 2016’s evening news shows.

The Paris climate talks have been underway for four days, and broadcast network coverage included journalists marveling at the French security presence and praising the talks’ goals.

Between Nov. 28 and Dec. 2, the morning and evening news shows on ABC, NBC, and CBS collectively spent more than 30 minutes covering the U.N. climate conference in Paris, called COP 21.

After an international agency made an announcement about risk of eating processed meats, many media outlets went hog wild. That included the broadcast networks which hyped the “troubling new warning” and ordered people to “cut down on that red meat.”

ABC and NBC evening news programming hyped the “unprecedented “warning,” and the decision to put them in the “same category” of carcinogens as smoking and asbestos, even though both of those are far more dangerous. The following day, NBC simultaneously told people not to “panic,” but urged them to “drastically” cut meat consumption.

The Democrats are determined to make the issue of gun control a presidential campaign issue, according to The Washington Post. And they already have the help of the news media.

Although the broadcast network evening shows said nothing about gun control immediately following the first Republican presidential debate, the Oregon community college shooting on Oct. 1, changed the media’s agenda. It also changed the agenda for the liberals running for the Democratic nomination.

Bernie Sanders is polling better than Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, while the liberal broadcast networks continue to downplay his extreme views.

A New Hampshire poll released Sept. 8, 2015, indicated Sanders had pulled ahead of fellow presidential candidate Clinton. The networks jumped to report the poll’s findings, but haven’t properly labeled Sanders’ political views in more than two months. The last mention was on NBC Nightly News on July 3.

The Cold War is clearly over. In just a few decades, the media have dragged the U.S. from red, white and blue to just red. ABC, CBS and NBC have normalized the far-left views of socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders simply by refusing to say the word “socialism” -- ignoring it in 82 percent of stories.

Socialism, which used to be equated with “gulag,” bread lines and the deaths of tens of millions of innocent people, has become mainstream in the news media and an afterthought in their coverage.  

The Obama administration has managed cybersecurity so poorly, Secretary of State John Kerry has admitted to CBS that it is “very likely” the Russians and Chinese are reading his emails.

Kerry’s admission came after multiple hacks of U.S. government data including the largest data breach in American history, when hackers allegedly working for the Chinese government stole the detailed records of nearly 22 million people including former and current federal employees and nearly everyone who had ever applied for a security clearance. That hack happened in 2014, but was widely reported in July 2015 after months of agency investigation.

Prominent scientists say genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are vital to feeding the world and solving undernourishment, but the broadcast networks were more focused on unproven claims about their “potential health risk.”

GMOs are back in the news since Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Kan., proposed legislation “that keeps states from regulating food with genetically modified ingredients,” The Hill reported June 15.