Once upon a time, the right had (some) reason to complain about media bias, acknowledges Talking Points Memo’s Josh Marshall, but these days, not so much. According to Marshall, when conservatives back in the day “went about creating their own counter-establishment,” what they built wasn’t a normal mirror image, but a funhouse-mirror image. For example, "Fox News [was] the supposed antidote to the 'liberal media'. Of course, Fox is 'conservative' in a way that the mid-century elite media simply never was. And with generations of ref-playing what had been a vaguely establishment liberal national press ceased almost entirely to be so."

Tuesday’s edition of the CBS Evening News used a liberal tax group, passed off as “non-partisan,” to bash, from the left, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s tax plan. Trumpeting the “non-partisan Tax Policy Center,” chief White House correspondent Major Garrett used multiple soundbites from senior fellow Howard Gleckman to hype that “an independent analysis says Trump's plan would cost the Treasury $10 trillion over 10 years and increase the nation's $18 trillion debt.”

On MSNBC's Daily Rundown on Friday, NBC political director and host Chuck Todd used low attendance at a Conservative Political Action Conference panel discussion to take a cheap shot at Republicans: "For a party struggling to change its demographic destiny, this picture taken by a Brookings Institution fellow of an almost empty ballroom at a panel on Republican outreach into minority communities, should be a bit of a warning. You don't want to play into your party's stereotypes there." [Listen to the audio or watch the video after the jump]

On Thursday, Brookings fellow John Hudak tweeted during the 2 p.m. ET event: "Big problem for GOP. Most important #CPAC2014 panel. Topic: minority outreach. View: largely empty room." He included the picture Todd referenced, a shot from the back of the large main ballroom at CPAC showing rows of empty chairs.   

Melanie Hunter at CNS News reports Al Gore launched some hot rhetoric at the normally sedate Brookings Institution on Friday on the threat of a shutdown over Obamacare. " I think the only phrase that describes it is political terrorism." He spoke in an alleged Tea Party voice: "‘Nice global economy you got there. Be a shame if we’d have to destroy it. We have a list of demands. If you don’t meet ‘em all by our deadline, we’ll blow up the global economy." Then he said: "Really?:

No, not really. This isn't exactly burning through the liberal media. But my friend at Laurence Jarvik Online reports that Brookings was proud of this uncivil mess in an e-mail to supporters. This is a think tank the leftists think is way too moderate and part of the milquetoast establishment: